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WaterWoman Ribbed Masturbator for Men 5 pcs
WaterWoman Ribbed Masturbator for Men 5 pcs
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3 for £23.99
WaterWoman Ribbed Masturbator for Men 5 pcs - TEST WINNER
WaterWoman Ribbed Masturbator for Men 5 pcs - TEST WINNER
WaterWoman Ribbed Masturbator for Men 5 pcs - TEST WINNER
WaterWoman Ribbed Masturbator for Men 5 pcs - TEST WINNER

WaterWoman Ribbed Masturbator for Men 5 pcs

4.6 (5)
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3 for £23.99
Product Description

WaterWoman Ribbed is a hygienic masturbation product made for one time use.

WaterWoman is made from eco-friendly polyethylene, which is very durable and makes for a wonderfully soft experience. The ribs inside WaterWoman provide extra stimulation during in/out movements.

Fill the WaterWoman Anal with warm (body temperature) water, and add a bit of the included lube. And you're ready to go.

The WaterWoman has a self-closing system that keeps the water inside.

Always make sure to use a lubricant with your WaterWoman, it ensures maximum pleasure.

Note! The WaterWoman has no joints or seams on the inside, so there is no risk of irritation during use. It feels incredibly soft against your skin. 

Included in the pack:
5x WaterWoman.
1x 10 ml lubricant.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Polyethylene.
QUANTITY: 5x WaterWoman Anal.
LENGTH: App. 8 inches.
DIAMETER: Up to 3 inches.
USER GUIDE: English, French, German, Spanish.

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Customer Reviews (5)

Slightly overpriced for single a use. Otherwise absolutely brilliant, worth a try.

5 5 1
Yes please

I finally find WaterWoman again ... Lukewarm water, a lot of lubricant and this bad boy almost hits it home... Not quite but some of the most affordable I have bought from here. Learn more

5 5 1

The material and quality are top notch. Seems solid, but squeaks a bit like a normal bag. Feels comfortable with the 37 degree water. Extra lubricant must be used than what accompanying letter states. How stimulating is the product: It has a stimulating effect, but does not act like a real vagina. Need to keep a little more focus, but that mightbe a habit. Is the product easy to use: It is easy to use, but feels best when using both hands at the same time. Orgasm guaranteed Depends on desire, but yes there is anorgasm guarantee. Learn more

5 5 1
Nice product

The product is very easy to "use" (water filling), is comfortable to use and easy to get rid of. All in all, a fine product for use at home, or when traveling.

5 5 1
Fantastic with body temperature

Along with fleshlight Pink Lady, this is the best masturbation product I have tried. Unlike fleshlight, which requires a lot of maintenance and which becomes sticky over time, it is a nice practical unit that you can just throw it out after use. It takes a bit of trying to figure out that you can calmly fill it completely with water - even if youare slightly larger than average. Arrow discover for temperature, arrow down for the accompanying portions of lube to be too small, and then you miss structure (which I alsomissed at the Pink Lady). The reality is still far better, but wonderful with a product where you do not have to spend time cleaning afterwards. It's a bit of an anticlimax. Learn more

5 3 1

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