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Whitehead Gag in Steel
Whitehead Gag in Steel
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Whitehead Gag in Steel

2.9 (3)
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Product Description

The Whitehead gag is a very authentic gag similar to the one used by oral surgeons and dentists to keep the patient's mouth open during examination and surgery.

It has a ratchet system so you can decide how much you want the mouth to open. The height can be adjusted from app. 2.8 - 1 inch.

The gag is easy to use and adjust. Simply press the two metal rods inwards then open the gag to the height you want and release the rods into the right notch.

The gag has two leather straps that fasten around the back of the head with a metal buckle. The straps have six different holes for the buckle, or you can add extra holes yourself.

The holes provided are for a head circumference of 19.9 - 23.8 inches.

The gag is made of metal.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Metal and leather.
HEIGHT OF GAG: 2.8 - 1 inch.
WIDTH OF GAG: App. 5.7 inches.
CIRCUMFERENCE: 19.9 - 23.8 inches.

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Customer Reviews (3)

It works for what it is intended for, but that's probably all. For this price, I expected much higher quality. The leather is stiff and difficult to handle, the metal feels mostly half-hearted Learn more

5 2 1
There are better ones

The quality of the metal part was good, although it was awkward to open. The leather strap, on the other hand, was impossible for me to use. When you tried to fasten it, the placement of the gag in the mouth was angled so that it did not turn out well. Unfortunately, I simply had to cut off the leather, then it got a little better. Then I want tosay that there is a better, newer design. It has a rubber cover so it does not hurt the teeth, and that there is a single opening lever placed where you simultaneously"close" the gage, which makes it practical. Learn more

5 2 1
Decent but bad fastening mechanism

Nice size and quality, and it opens up just enough (could probably have been nice with even more notches for those with a slightly larger mouth). If you tighten the strap, it will make the gag twist so that it falls out of the mouth, and that is, to put it mildly, a disappointment. In addition, it is difficult to adjust it, not quite a dealbreaker,but definitely something that could have been better Learn more

5 4 1

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