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You and Me Erotic Game
You and Me Erotic Game
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You and Me Erotic Game

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Product Description

"You and Me" is the game that will bring you and your partner even closer together.

The game contains: 90 cards (split into "his" and "hers"), an hourglass and a dice showing "me", "you" or "question mark". The dice determine which card to draw and who gives or receives the instructions from the card.

"You and Me" is perfect for those looking for fun challenges and who want a few extra tricks on how to seduce each other. Use the hourglass as an extra titillating feature if some of the tasks/exercises have to last for a certain time.

The game is about collecting as many hearts as possible and the winner is of course the one who succeeds. 

Before you start, it is worth getting some lube, massage oil, a restraint and a blindfold for an even better experience.

The game is in English, but with easy-to-understand text. 

Additional Information

TITLE: You and Me.
RULES: Simple.
LANGUAGE: English.
THE GAME CONTAINS: Dice, hourglass and 90 cards with titillating tasks.

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Customer Reviews (4)

I was surprised when the game was in English. To your chagrin, some of the meaning of the words has to be looked at in a dictionary, affecting the mood and use of the game.

5 2 1

The first time it was used it was a little scary, because what if there was something I did not want and I didn’t have more 'skip' cards? However, I quickly found out that it was a super fun, titillating and new way to spoil and get to know each other. And we generally agree on what we both might not really want to try, even though there areonly a few of these tasks. And the competitive element in it also makes it pretty fun, because you can make a choice. You will then perhaps choose that the partner is giventhe task, but also the points :D. So, super cozy and naughty all in all. Not so good with an hourglass as a time indicator, as we concentrate on the task ;). Instead, we justuse a countdown on the phone. Learn more

5 5 1
Free talk about and release of fantasies

My boyfriend and I experiment a lot already, but this fits perfectly into undiscovered fantasies that want to be discovered and enjoyed. This game is an easy and straightforward way to get closer to each other and closer to finding out what turns each other on. Definitely something to use another night too!!! Learn more

5 5 1
Really naughty

The game has, i.a., been used for a naughty night where we went through most of the cards. There are many different challenges and methods to tease your partner (and yourself). There are some scenarios that need to be played out, as well as many different methods and places that need to be satisfied. It will definitely be a game about howlong you can keep it in before it all moves over to the bed. The only minus is the hourglass, which does not really work as you cannot keep an eye on it while performing atask. We did not use it. Learn more

5 5 1

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