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You2Toys Clitoris Pump
You2Toys Clitoris Pump
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You2Toys Clitoris Pump

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Product Description

With this Clitoris Pump you can increase sensitivity on and around your clitoris.

Every time you pump, you will feel a stimulating vacuum, because all the blood will be pumped to your clitoris. When you remove the pump, you will also feel much more sensitive which will make the experience with your partner - or yourself - even more pleasurable.

The pump consists of two parts: the pump itself, which is attached to a tube, and a plastic cylinder that you attach to clitoris.

How to use the Clitoris Pump:

- Attach the pump to clitoris. Push down on the pump and feel how the vacuum stimulates the whole area. 
- Feel your way and don't have the pump attached for too long the first time.

Additional Information

WEIGHT: Approx. 125 g.

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Customer Reviews (5)
positive surprise

The product is cute and easy to use and clean. Seems rugged and durable. After a few pumps and with the help of lube, the plastic hood stays in place hands-free. I originally bought the product with the only intention of pumping, and I was prepared for it to be a bit uncomfortable to use, as I don’t particularly care what the suction feels like.However, the product surprised me very positively, and the pumping itself felt really good. I usually need a street drill-level vibrator to be triggered, but now, I couldachieve it with just a pump. 6/5 and I will continue using it Learn more

5 5 1
Does not measure up

It is not possible to inflate any major pressure and it also does not hold up. Not at all nice

5 2 1
The top!

It is easy to use. + Good suction I have also put it on muscle knots! It is good that the hose is stiff so that it does not bend. Incredibly tasteless packaging.

5 5 1

The brackets between the hose pump and the cup leak invest in a more expensive product

5 1 1
Not really good

When you open the package, it looks like some cheap toy. Which it is when you use it. Seemed it lacks as much quality as one finds in the home page in other products .. Gotta say that's the only thing I've judged badly in here. Lots of great stuff in here. Learn more

5 2 1

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