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Zado Leather Flogger with Wooden Handle 22 inches
Zado Leather Flogger with Wooden Handle 22 inches
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Zado Leather Flogger with Wooden Handle 22 inches  1
Zado Leather Flogger with Wooden Handle 22 inches  2
Zado Leather Flogger with Wooden Handle 22 inches  3

Zado Leather Flogger with Wooden Handle 22 inches

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Product Description

If you dream of provoking your partner with intense flicks of the flogger, or satisfy him/her with kinky penetration, then the ZADO leather whip with wooden handle is a must-have in your basket.

The flogger is ideal for soft punishment on the skin as well as stinging spanks that leaves you or your partner with a throbbing pain. It doesn't matter if you have never tried it before or many times before, this leather flogger is ideal for making your play with spanking even better and more pleasurable.

The grooved wooden handle alone makes the whip easy to control, while it can also be played with as a dildo for an added dimension to your experience.

The flogger is made from leather with a length of 22 inches, of which the handle is 8.3 inches.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Leather and wood.
FULL LENGTH: 22 inches.
LENGTH, HANDLE: 8.3 inches (insertion length approx. 5.9 inches).
DIAMETER, HANDLE: 1.5 inch (widest part).
LANGUAGE: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Czech, Danish.

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Customer Reviews (4)
Perfect Flogger

Wonderful flogger that is really good quality.

5 4 1

Really good flogger, fits well in your hand and you can play many different games with it. The downside is that even though it is dildo shaped, you don’t want to use that part for playing. You get the feeling it might splinter, which makes you feel less relaxed if you want to reward instead of punishing. Learn more

5 4 1
Our first gadget for lighter bondage that has given us a taste for more.

Our first tool for lighter bondage is this very beautiful and well-made whip with a sexy scent of leather. Despite the fact that it really "slaps", the light straps don’t result in unpleasant pain on those of us who are beginners, just an annoying stimulation that we supplement with caresses. Blindfolded means that my beautiful wifedoesn’t know what comes next, "slaps" or caresses. I chose this particular leather flogger because of the stiff wooden handle, which means that my"punishment" of my wife can be followed with a reward if she has been particularly good. The smooth and well-sized handle slides in easily and the "bumps"on it make her feel amazing. I also like the lighter whipping and we are delighted that we have gained an insight into the world of bondage and will explore it further. Learn more

5 5 1

Nice, solid flogger. Good weight in the leather straps and good scent of leather.

5 5 1

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