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Zeus Palm Powerbox Electro Sex Set
Zeus Palm Powerbox Electro Sex Set
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Zeus Palm Powerbox Electro Sex Set

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Product Description

Recharge your sex life with the Zeus Palm Powerbox electro-sex set.

This is a perfect product for novices who are curious about electro-sex and want to experiment with the stimulating sensations of electrical shocks.

You attach the self-adhesive electrodes to the parts of your body where you want electrical stimulation. You should not attach the electrodes over the heart, on damaged skin or in direct contact with your genitals.

The self-adhesive pads can be reused numerous times, but you can buy extra pads to increase the product’s lifetime.

The remote control with large LCD control panel is extremely user-friendly. With few buttons, it is simple to use and has an easy-to-read screen showing the level of strength and the program in use.

Choose from a myriad of variations ─ from gently teasing to more fiercely pulsating. Always start out carefully and experiment as you gradually increase to unique, intense electro experiences.

Always keep safety in mind when experimenting with electricity. Do not use if you have heart problems, pacemaker, epilepsy or if you are pregnant.

Uses 2 x AAA batteries (not included).

Additional Information

CONTAINS: Palm Box remote control, 4 reusable electric pads incl. wires.
SIZE ELECTRIC PADS: 1.6 x 1.6 inch.
BATTERIES: Uses 2 x AA batteries (purchased separately).
APPROVAL: CE Approved.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (1)

We are brand new to electro stimulation, but it is definitely something we will continue to do. Zeus palm is a good place to start. It is quite cheap but works great for us as beginners as it starts at the very weak end of the scale and then you can just click up and down depending on how you feel. Moving the electrodes around is also interesting asthat quickly results in a completely different stimulation and a conversation about what is particularly good. Learn more

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