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Anal Fantasy Inflatable Silicone Plug
Anal Fantasy Inflatable Silicone Plug
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Anal Fantasy Inflatable Silicone Plug
Anal Fantasy Inflatable Silicone Plug
Anal Fantasy Inflatable Silicone Plug

Anal Fantasy Inflatable Silicone Plug

3.5 (5)
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Product Description

Anal Fantasy Inflatable Silicone Plug is ideal if you are looking for a more robust, fuller anal stimulation. The inflatable anal plug inflates very easily with the hand-pump included in the package. When you wish to deflate it you simply press on the vent on the side on the pump.

For smooth insertion we recommend you use a water-based anal lubricant with your Anal Fantasy Inflatable Silicone Plug. 

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Silicone.
WIDTH: From 1.5 inch.
LENGTH, PLUG: 4.5 inches.
INFLATION: Yes, inflate to the desired size.
PUMPING METHOD: Manual hand pump.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)
Wonderfully fulfilling and soft!

I bought the product about 3 years ago, and it has been in active use for about 2 years. At first, inserting the product felt awkward (this was my first pumping plug), but after a few times, it became easier to insert it. The material of the product is incredibly soft. In my opinion, for example, compared to the Mister B pumping anus plug, thisplug’s material is preferable precisely because of its softness. The Mister B plug, on the other hand, is stiffer. The pin gets pumped wonderfully big and it’s reallyfulfilling! However, the stopper was perhaps a little too small, which is why the product sometimes would slip completely inside. When I bought the product, its descriptionalso read that the product was waterproof, and that it could be used in the shower, for example. That was largely true. I took it with me to shower rooms several days a week(for many years), which eventually led to the plug’s draining valve to start acting up a little. Apparently limescale or the like had accumulated inside the valve.Eventually, after more than two years of active use, the product broke down, causing the seam in the stopper to fail, and air to leak out of the plug. Apparently, I pumped ita little too big ... Oops Learn more

5 4 1
Broken right away

Hard to get in, but it felt amazingly fulfilling once I got in. But there are still some potential improves in terms of quality, as the product broke down after just two uses, and it could no longer hold air inside. I do not recommend wasting money on this Learn more

5 2 1

I am very disappointed because, for one, it costs a significant amount of money, and I was looking forward to trying it. But after having tested it, I was left surprised and very disappointed. At first it felt wonderful to pump up and my whole body went into ecstasy from being totally filled while I caressed myself normally, but suddenly I feelthat the "base" of the plug disappeared in as well because it is so soft. I was almost unable to remove the plug later because the tube came loose when I tried toget it out. The "base" of the plug is far too soft to even be appropriate for the plug. Very disappointed :( Learn more

5 2 1

It is for people who are slightly more experienced with anal play because it is a bit difficult to get in at first. Fills you to the MAX and you can tell that it is good quality. Learn more

5 5 1

Good plug that can be blown up to a proper size. Stretches and fills nicely, which we both enjoy. It is firmly attached when it has got some air in it and does not go out when you have vaginal sex at the same time. Learn more

5 5 1

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