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Anal Fantasy

If you want to enjoy anal play to the fullest, choose Anal Fantasy. It is a fantastic product series from Pipedream that focuses solely on all types of anal stimulation. If you've ever been curious about trying backdoor play, or want to take it a step further, Anal Fantasy has you covered.

Anal Fantasy - Opens the door for lots of pleasure

Sex toys for experienced and beginners

If you have clicked on this page for Anal Fantasy consciously, then it is probably because you are interested in anal stimulation and want to find some sex toys that can be used for that purpose. Although there is still partly a taboo around this type of stimulation, it still looks like more and more people have opened their eyes to the back door's many pleasures.

The anus is an area full of erogenous zones, both in men and women, and therefore everyone can experience a fantastic pleasure with the right stimulation, which does not have to happen through intercourse. Therefore, it is actually not necessary with a partner if you would like to explore the many erogenous zones. With the right sex toy, you can satisfy all your naughty desires - and for that reason, Pipedream has launched the Anal Fantasy product line.

In the large selection from Anal Fantasy you will find both something for curious beginners and something for the more experienced users. If this type of stimulation is completely new to you, you should start with some of the smaller products and gradually increase the size at your own pace. If you have plenty of experience, however, you will also find some variants that can give you some suitable and exciting challenges.

Anal Fantasy sex toys are for everyone

Anal Fantasy offers a wide range of sex toys that, taken together, cover a wide range of needs and sexual desires. Most Anal Fantasy sex toys are also very versatile and can stimulate the anus in different ways, which is a big advantage. Some products have multiple functions and can stimulate multiple erogenous zones at the same time.

For example, you can find butt plugs with a built-in penis ring or vibrator that can be used to prolong and improve the man's erection or send tingling vibrations into hers or his insides. In the man's anus we find the prostate, which is an erogenous area similar to the woman's G-spot. By stimulating this area, the man can actually achieve orgasm without touching the penis.

Many Anal Fantasy sex toys can help achieve this amazing and unique orgasm for men. You'll find it all here on the site, where we also have plenty of other products that can provide a little more challenging stimulation. It could for example be the "gaping" butt plugs that expand as soon as you insert them into the anus - or maybe a "tunnel plug" that lets your partner get a nice look into your insides.

Toys for safe anal play

It is important to take both safety and hygiene into consideration when it comes to sex toys. Before using your sex toy from Anal Fantasy UK, remember to use anal cleaning properly. This ensures that no accidents happen while you are in the middle of the naughty play.

In addition, it is a good idea to use plenty of lubricant, as the anus does not produce any lubrication itself - in contrast to the woman's vagina. Apply plenty of lubricant to both the sex toy and around the anus until everything slides as it should.

And feel free to use an anal lubricant that is specifically designed for this type of stimulation. This type of lubricant has a thicker consistency and a longer glide, which increases your comfort and pleasure. In addition, all products have a stopper that ensures that they stay in place throughout the play and do not slip into the anus.

In short, you can feel completely safe when you live out your deepest fantasies with products from Anal Fantasy UK.

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Discreet delivery and packaging
Free shipping on orders over £55
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