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Bijoux Mimi Nipple Pasties
Bijoux Mimi Nipple Pasties
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Bijoux Mimi Nipple Pasties
Bijoux Mimi Nipple Pasties
Bijoux Mimi Nipple Pasties

Bijoux Mimi Nipple Pasties

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Product Description

Mimi is a set of self-adhesive nipple covers.

Mimi is made from small rhinestones securely fixed by a strong self-adhesive tape. The pasties are incredibly easy to apply to your skin, and they stick really well.

Before putting them on your skin, it needs to be completely clean and dry, free of lotion and perfume - that will ensure they stay firmly put. They are made for one time use but can be used again with skin-friendly body glue.

The jewels are easy to remove under water, e.g. in the bath.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Rhinestone.
QUANTITY: 2 pcs./1 set.
SIZE: Diameter 2.5 inches.
USER GUIDE: English.

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Customer Reviews (2)
Really great

-they are easy to use and are really nice. You do not feel that you are wearing them. A purchase I have not regretted. I definitely need more. :-)

5 4 1
Super nice and easy to use

Woohoo, big surprise that they were so easy to use and were received with SO much enthusiasm :-D I had an easy time putting them on (yes, there is a hole in the middle for the nipple so the location lends itself), and was surprised that they stick SO well. Didn't notice at all that I was wearing them, and in fact they were such a big hit that I keptthem on for a day and a half. They held for a lot of touch and 4 showers without smoking. Was easy to take off when I decided that now it was everyday again :-) The very bestthing is that they make my breasts look super nice - just like when I freeze and the nipple gets hard. I think the trick is that I put them on when the breast had that shape(froze a bit after bathing) and when you put them on, the breast (and especially the nipple) is kept in that shape. Very nice Learn more

5 5 1

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