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Biird: Where Beauty Meets Pleasure

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With countless options for sex toys and brands out there, finding a new pleasure buddy can be a delightful yet daunting adventure. Whether you’ve already met your favourite toy(s) or are still on the hunt for those who are a perfect match, there’s one brand you simply can’t miss: Biird.

Biird is a female-led, pleasure-positive brand from the Netherlands, committed to redefining fun in the bedroom (and beyond) while blurring the lines between pleasure toys and aesthetic décor.

Meet and Greet Today's Cast

From clitoral vibrators and G-spot dildos to penis rings and butt plugs, Biird has something for every mood and taste.

Today, we’re super excited to introduce you to five of our favourite toys from their stunning collection - So get ready to meet some of the cast and perhaps find your new BFFs in the bedroom while we’re at it!

Gii: The Star of the Show

A G-spot vibrator

Opening any of Biird's products is truly a unique experience, from the beautifully designed boxes and toys to the thoughtfully crafted accessories and storage bags. But with Gii, the experience is even more special!

For those who are looking for softer, milder vibrations, Gii is your new bestie. Not only does it offer some of the gentlest vibrations we've ever experienced, but it's also whisper quiet. Perfect for those late-night rendezvous when you need to keep things discreet.

But don't let its gentle side fool you. If you're more of a power girlie, Gii has you covered. With eight intensity settings on all vibration modes, you'll find the perfect setting and intensity to hit just the right spot, whether you're craving internal or external pleasure. 

Waterproof and beautifully designed inside and out, Gii comes with a luxurious velvet pouch for storage and features three adorable iron-on patches. These little touches make Gii truly one of a kind and definitely one of our favourites.

Evii: The Forbidden Fruit You Won’t Resist

A teardrop shaped vibrator and on a charging tray

With its teardrop shape, squishy soft silicone, and playful colours, Evii is definitely a feast for both the eyes and senses. 

Boasting dual motors, one on the tip for targeted stimulation and one on the bottom for deep rumbling sensations, you have all the versatility you need to massage your sweet spots just the way you like it. 

And that’s not all! Evii comes with a luxurious charging tray designed as a jewellery tray, so you can flaunt your teardrop gem together with your favourite accessories. I know, right? Oh-la-la indeed!

But don’t worry, if you want to keep things a little more discreet, it also comes with its own storage pouch to keep your little tear of joy safe and clean, always ready for next time.

Regii: Who Said Two’s a Crowd?

Two buttplugs

Although Biird’s vibrators are truly delightful, their silicone toys deserve just as much praise. 

So meet Regii: a duo of small and medium-sized plugs made of silky silicone in a stunning blue colour.

Perfect for those looking to dip their toes into back-door play or for the more experienced ones who want to expand their anal toys collection.

This dream team features tapered tips for easy, smooth insertion and a wide base that not only ensures they stay comfortably in place but also makes removal effortless. 

Pixii: Energising Ecstasy

A rose G-spot dildo

If you're anything like us and love the energizing beauty of crystals, then say hello to Pixii, Biird's gorgeous G-spot dildo made from stunning rose quartz.

With a bulbous tip and a perfectly curved shaft designed for targeted G-spot pleasure, this petite gem is so beautiful that you might be torn between using it or displaying it. Spoiler alert: you can totally do both!

For the adventurous souls and temperature play enthusiasts out there, Pixii is a dream come true. Pop it in the fridge for a cool thrill, or run it under warm water for steamy sensations.

Kalii: Double-Sided Glass Delight

A glass dildo

Last but certainly not least, we have Kalii, a mesmerising double-ended handcrafted dildo made from borosilicate glass and finished in a stunning purple rainbow hue.

Each end of Kalii offers a different sensation, allowing you to explore and find what feels best. Whether you’re in the mood for a smooth or ribbed experience, its curved shaft is designed to hit just the right spot every time.

Just like its cousin Pixii, Kalii is perfect for those who love experimenting with temperature play or want to give it a go. The borosilicate glass material not only makes it durable but also ensures that it retains temperature longer, enhancing your sensory experience.

Fly High with Biird

And there you have it—a sneak peek into some of our favourite toys from this enchanting brand.

From the exquisite designs of their products to the delightful experiences they promise, Biird offers something for everyone looking to enhance their intimate moments.

So spread your wings and explore Biird’s playful collection. And who knows? Your next favourite pleasure buddy might just be a chirp away.

Different sex toys placed next to each other

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