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Do Sex Toys Make You Satisfied?

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So, we had the honour of supporting the University of Copenhagen and letting them use our data from Sindex in their study, and it was published in the Journal of Sex Research; cool, right?

The man behind the magic is Gert Martin Hald, Professor of Psychology and Department Head at the Department of Public Health.

He's the main author of the study titled ‘Do Sex Toys Make Me Satisfied? The Use of Sex Toys in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France and the UK’, which dives into the world of sexuality and what makes people happy.

The Sindex data includes answers from nearly 12,000 folks from six different European countries. Among other things, it looks at whether owning sex toys makes any difference in how satisfied people are with their lives.

Hald used this to give us a pretty interesting look into today's intimacy and what brings us joy.

two people cuddling in bed smiling under the covers

The Heart of Happiness:

Gert Martin Hald had this to say to Videnskab.dk, a popular science news media that provides all Danes with credible knowledge about research:

"It turns out that owning and using toys was significantly associated with higher satisfaction with sex life, relationships and life in general.”

It's a big deal because it makes us think more about how these personal pleasure gadgets really play a role in making us happy.

Now, we can start to define what intimacy and exploring your sexuality actually mean.

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Finland is Finishing First:

And apparently more often, with an average of 5.4 toys per person. It's not just about fun; it's about freedom, baby!

The Finns are showing the world how to embrace pleasure with open arms and a cheeky grin.

This statistic reflects not just a national bias for sexual exploration but also a broader cultural shift towards the acceptance and destigmatisation of sex toys.

Finland's progressive attitude towards sexuality serves as a guiding light for open conversations and acceptance of personal pleasure preferences.

How many sex toys do users have on average?











The Big Question:

While it's super interesting to see that owning sex toys and feeling satisfied with life seem to go hand in hand, the study points out that just because these things are linked, it doesn't mean one directly causes the other.

It's like, are happier people more into trying out sex toys, or does playing around with these toys make people happier?

That's still something that's up in the air and worth digging into more – and we’re interested in finding out.

So what comes next?

All right, so what this study is showing us is pretty game-changing.

It's pushing against what society usually thinks and is all about getting people to be more open to the idea that sex toys can be a big plus for both personal and relationship growth.

As sex toys start to lose their taboo status, there's a bigger chance for talks about sexual health to become more mainstream. Hald has seen this in his life alone:

"I'm 49, and when I was young, you bought sex toys in the back rooms of shops. Today, it’s much less stigmatised to use them. It’s relatively normal and a part of experimenting,” - Gert Martin Hald.

This means we can all get better at exploring what we want and building closer connections.

two people cuddling and smiling

To wrap up

This Danish dive into the world of sex toys and smiles pretty much says,

"Hey, let's not be shy about what makes us happy."

It makes us think twice about the role intimacy plays in our quest for a happy life. It's sparking a much-needed conversation about how being cool with our sexual desires and exploring them without shame can really up our overall happiness game.

As we grow more open and understanding, the connection between our personal pleasure and overall life satisfaction is getting a spotlight in the big discussion on what makes us truly happy.

TL;DR: Sex toys and sexuality are all about being open, exploring safely, and maybe finding that joy can come from places we least expect.

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