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Review: NORTIE Lingerie

NORTIE Lingerie is a series of sexy and comfortable underwear, where most styles are available in both one size and plus size one size. Additionally, the price is on the low end, so this already means we’re off to a good start.

Have you, like me, been in a situation where you wanted to put in a little extra effort for a special evening or wanted to make an evening special by putting on some sexy underwear or lingerie?

Perhaps you no longer use the lingerie you have in the drawer because it’s uncomfortable and doesn’t fit. You might feel more like something from the refrigerated counter rather than something from the deli section.

I want naughty underwear that looks great AND feels really nice to have on, no matter it's for five minutes or an entire evening.

That's why I tested Nortie Lingerie, and in this review you will find out why I love it (yes, busted! I'm a fan), a short review of different styles, and what this brand can do since it's so popular.

NORTIE Lingerie is for those who ...

  • Want it all for half the price
  • Care about comfort
  • Like extremely stretchy lingerie
  • Are willing to compromise on quality

NORTIE Lingerie is not for those who ...

  • Want expensive and exclusive lingerie
  • Use the same lingerie for a number of years

It can be difficult to evaluate an entire series of lingerie, so for the sake of convenience, I have selected and tried five different styles from NORTIE Lingerie. That way, you can find exactly the type of lingerie you are looking for. All five models are also available in plus size, and those are the ones I've tried.

Bodystocking - Long sleeves and soft fit

I was really looking forward to trying on this NORTIE Gry Crotchless Bodystocking with Long Sleeves, as I had heard good things about the stretchability.

First impressions

I open the packaging, pull out the bodystocking and think, ‘What’s this?’.

There's a very small, tightly packed piece of fabric, and I immediately doubt if I can get any Nortie Lingerie up over my ankles at all.

Black bodystocking with long sleeves being held by two hands

Thankfully, the description keeps what it promises:

The bodystocking is stretchable in the greatest sense of the word, and it’s suuuper soft!

Also, it could easily stretch even more if my curves were even bigger.

Two hands stretching a black bodystocking with long sleeves


I’ve tried it in plus size and have previously gone for that size with other underwear and been really disappointed.

This mix of materials makes me feel really sexy and really comfortable, because nothing tightens and nothing gets squeezed or cut in a strange way—we’re off to a really good start!

General opinion

I feel like buying everything in that mix, because I finally have a go-to brand!

Blonde woman wearing a black bodystocking in bed

Lace tights—Stay-up happiness

The story repeats itself a bit as I unpack NORTIE Sif Crotchless Lace Tights.

First impression

I quickly unfold the packaging and start pulling on the fabric, as I usually do with tights—the difference is that these feel soft and comfortable from the start.


You don’t have to put up a good fight to pull them up, as is often the case with other tights. Rather, they feel more like leggings you step into.

They are really comfortable, and just like the bodystocking itself, the suspender feels comfortable without squeezing.

General opinion

I’m a little unsure of when to use them, but I want to wear them purely based on the NORTIE Lingerie fit.

Three pictures of a blonde woman wearing lace tights

Lace hipster - Naughty framing

NORTIE Gunilla Crotchless Black Lace Hipster is reminiscent of the regular lace panties that you probably had in the closet at some point.

You pull them out to feel extra sexy or because you want to wow someone special.

First impression

The fabric feels familiar, is a bit stiff, and the classic lace pattern stands out nicely.


They sit really well, and the butt cheeks are nicely framed!

Personally, I would like the top edge to be wider so that nothing divides the soft part on the belly. On the other hand, they are high enough that it can almost be avoided.

General opinion

I'm going to use them on days where I need to seduce or spoil, and for the price, these NORTIE Lingerie hipsters are a great addition to the drawer.

Three pictures of a blonde woman wearing a pair of black lace hipster panties

Bra set - Ready to be taken off

If you want more than a pair of panties, consider NORTIE Friia Bra and Crotchless G-String Set.

First impression

As a woman with big curves, I can get a little despondent when I see such a set—it almost always ends up having a poor fit.

Still, it’s not that bad once I’ve undone the buckles on the panties and the bra.


After a little bit of experimenting with the buckles on the panties, I find the best fit where the strings sit over the hip.

The bra covers what it needs to, and I can get the straps to follow the bosom fairly well.

General impressions

I want to use this Nortie Lingerie set in the same way I want to use the hipster panties: When something extra needs to happen and the underwear is meant to come off quickly again.

The nice details leave a little to the imagination, but the obvious thing is definitely to take the set off as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Blonde woman lying in bed in a black bra

Catsuit - Feel like Catwoman

I return a little to where I started—the thing about how you sometimes feel wearing what’s supposed to be sexy lingerie.

It has happened more than once that I’ve been dazzled by beautiful women in catsuits, after which I thought ‘I must have that too!’.

Fast-forward to me looking like something hanging in the butcher’s department. Still, I took the chance with NORTIE Helga Crotchless Lace Catsuit.

First impression

I can make it very brief—it looks and feels exactly like the bodystocking and tights. The stretchability of these styles from Nortie Lingerie is impeccable! So far so good!


It's easy to put on and make fit nicely, and then it just feels so comfortable.

General impressions

If I'm going to own a catsuit, it has to be this one!

Who would have believed it? Maybe I end up being a fan of catsuits.

Blonde woman lying in bed wearing a black catsuit

Why is NORTIE Lingerie popular?

Even though the entire previous part of the review has already explained it, I just have a few more positive things that I would like to share with you.

By far, most of NORTIE Lingerie is designed with an open bottom. What we call crotchless.

It's really practical (and sexy, of course) when you're with your partner and things can only go too slowly.

At the same time, there are a lot of styles to choose from, so I didn’t have a hard time imagining different scenarios where I could use NORTIE Lingerie—I look forward to living out those ideas.

Last but not least, I can easily imagine using their bodystockings for a walk in the city or as part of an everyday outfit.

The fact that it’s even super stretchy and really nice to wear is something I see as a huge bonus.

Underwear and packaging for lingerie

Is NORTIE Lingerie right for me?

Whether NORTIE Lingerie is the right brand for you depends on a few things.

Do you value price over quality? And is comfort and the feeling of being sexy connected to you?

Let me answer the first one.

NORTIE Lingerie has some really good prices, and the quality matches the price.

If you’re like me, it suits you fine that the special moments with your chosen one, where you want to add a little extra, don’t cost a fortune.

I would rather buy something at a good price that I feel good about, instead of paying twice the amount or more for something that I only wear when there’s a full moon.

My answer to the second question is therefore:

I CANNOT feel sexy in something that feels uncomfortable.

Give me something in a beautiful material that I can easily put on and quickly take off again (if all goes well).

Maybe that kind of material doesn’t keep the softer parts in place, but on the other hand, it’s not something I think about, because the feeling overshadows the rest.

Red and black lingerie

Should it be part of my drawer with naughty underwear?

If you already know what lingerie suits you and your body, and if you value high quality a lot, then you probably know another brand that can meet your needs.

Do you want to try different styles without it having to be planned into the budget? Are you fine with the fact that underwear for an atractive prize doesn’t last forever? Then I’m sure that NORTIE Lingerie and you will have many great moments together!

I give it at least 4.5 stars—completely without hesitation!

4.5 yellow rating stars

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