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A couple lies close together in a bed with candles around themA couple lies close together in a bed with candles around them
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Tantra - Connect with your partner on a deeper level

Our society today is fast, goal-oriented, and mind-focused to a great extent. This is reflected in the bedroom where many couples are having sex focusing on getting an orgasm as fast as possible rather than connecting deeply with their partner.

This statement comes from the experienced Tantra Teacher, Maxinne Björk.

She believes in slowing things down, activating all our senses and our whole body - and giving more attention to the process rather than the result.

One way to achieve this is by exploring the fascinating world of tantra!

Close-up of a couple, one person tickling the other with a tickling feather on the neck

What is tantra?

A common misconception is that tantra is only about sex.

It’s not!

Maxinne Björk explains:

“Tantra is a holistic, spiritual path that aims to positively transform the practitioners to reach enlightenment through various lifestyle directions and practices. It is a way of living life more connected to everything that our world has to offer.”

According to Maxinne Björk, the underlying philosophy of tantra tells us that all things possess a divine nature. This means that nothing is rejected or suppressed. Instead, there is a complete embrace of everything that exists.

“It focuses on understanding and using the energies of the universe, both within and around us. At its core, tantra teaches us that everything is interconnected. And this is also the basis of tantric sex,” says Maxinne Björk.

The Sanskrit word Tantra literally means warp (on a loom), or “extension”. It proceeds from the verbal roots:

TAN - “to stretch, to expound” which can mean the idea of broadening one’s understanding and reaching new levels of awareness.

TRA - “to save” which can be understood as “tool” or “instrument”. It describes the methods, practices, and techniques used to achieve expansion of knowledge and consciousness.

Person sitting on the floor in underwear with lit candles around them.

Tantra in a box

If you want a glimpse into the enchanting world of tantra, we have a special treat ready for you. The Sinful Tantra Box, made in collaboration with Maxinne Björk, offers a whole new level of intimacy.

It’s filled with carefully selected products that stimulate your senses; a blindfold, a feather tickler, satin ribbon restraints, a flogger, a massage oil, a water-based lube, a glass dildo, a metal butt plug, and a ylang-ylang essential oil.

Our tantra box is made for playful exploration. With the included booklet, you're encouraged to learn, discover, and dive deep into your intimate connections.

“It’s important to say that you don’t have to understand or believe in it all to enjoy it and have a meaningful and fulfilling experience with this guidance and the products in the box. Pick and choose whatever makes sense to you and leave the rest,” says Maxinne Björk.

Sinful Tantra Box

If you want to learn more about tantra and our fantastic Sinful Tantra Box, you can watch this video where Maxinne Björk talks with her former partner and Conscious Intimacy Coach, Manuele Paradiso.

We wish you many hours of deep connection, sensuality, and intimacy!

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    Discreet delivery and packaging
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