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Bonbons Lucky Love Dice Game
Bonbons Lucky Love Dice Game
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Bonbons Lucky Love Dice Game

4.5 (5)
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Product Description

”Kiss each other on the neck in the car!” That could be one of the challenges in the Bonbons Lucky Love Dice Game. It consists of 3 dice. When you throw them, you will get a challenge deciding: What to do (e.g. lick), on which body part to do it (e.g. the ears) and where to do it (e.g. in the bath tub).

Lucky Love Dice is a fun erotic couples' game that allows you to explore and enjoy each other to the max. The game is perfect for spicing up your sex life.

The dice are delivered without any text on them. With the included stickers, you can design the dice to suit your specific needs and desires. All there's left to do is let fate take full control of your naughty challenges.

The design of 9 of the stickers have images of items, e.g. a bed, a tub and a car. Other 9 stickers have text describing different body parts, e.g. mouth, navel, neck, ear and feet. The remaining 9 stickers describe what to do, e.g. smell, lick, bite, suck and kiss.


Additional Information

DICE: 3 pcs.
STICKERS: 27 pcs.
LANGUAGE: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian.

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Customer Reviews (5)
No basic sex tips, much better!

I used to get so bored of those dices with the same absolutely unimaginative stuff written on each side just with different wording. These, on the other hand, are quite different! You can customize the dice to your liking, with stickers. For example, what you want to do, what you are focusing on, and how are you going to do it. And not ruinedby its price. Get more spark into your relationship. Learn more

5 5 1
Takes the foreplay to the next level

Great when you do not really know each other or want to take foreplay to the next step

5 5 1
Fewer restrictions

A little more advanced set of dice - but no challenge here! Grease with homemade compositions :)

5 5 1
Slightly too soft

These "lucky" love dice are a great idea, with soft eroticism associated. There are some stickers (which are included) that are put on the dice, after which they, in combination with each other, create an activity to do. The problem is that the combined activities are often a little too boring - they are simply too soft, for our liking.Think they will fit nicely with the couple, who want to create something more erotic and make their sex life a little more exciting, if the couple has a hard time gettingideas for new things. So if this is you, go right ahead! :) We did it by simply pasting other things on the dice, which suddenly made it all a lot more fun :) Learn more

5 3 1
A little meh, but good at starting kinky ideas.

Really good for those who start out having to try some slightly new things, but lack a bit of the extra "scope" that can bring one out into limit situations that could be a bit tense. The sexual acts are a bit soft in eroticism, so they can be used best as a prelude, or to give a teasing feeling if they are used as a "thing thatis going to happen" in a day, but not much Learn more

5 4 1

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