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CB-3000 Chastity Device (3 inches)
CB-3000 Chastity Device (3 inches)
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CB-3000 Chastity Device (3 inches)  1
CB-3000 Chastity Device (3 inches)  2

CB-3000 Chastity Device (3 inches)

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Product Description

The CB 3000 Chastity Device is for men who want products of very high quality. The CB-3000 and the other chastity devices from the same series are considered the best on the market. The CB-3000 is made from polycarbonate (hard plastic), which makes it light and extremely durable.

The rings, spacers and lock pins of different sizes make it possible to adjust the device so that it fits you perfectly. The diameter of the 5 rings is 1.5 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inches, 2 inches and 2 inches respectively.

The chastity device has a length of 3 inches and an internal diameter of 1.4 inch. Check out our chastity device of different sizes: CB-6000 (3.3 inches), CB-6000S (2.5 inches) or The Curve Chastity Device (3.7 inches).

How to use the CB-3000 Chastity Device:
- Put the desired ring over your penis and testicles.
- Put the top ring piece on the ring with the lock pins.
- Put the spacer on the lock pin. Then insert your penis into the cage and lock it with the padlock (alternatively you can use the plastic locks).
- Tip! Rub some lube on your penis to make insertion more comfortable.

The CB-3000 comes with: Penis cage, 5 rings of different sizes (+ 1 top ring), 4 spacers and lock pins of different sizes, metal padlock with key, 5 plastic locks with individual numbers, storage pouch.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Hard plastic (polycarbonate).
LENGTH: 3 inches (penis cage).
TOTAL LENGTH: Approx. 4.1 inches.
DIAMETER OF THE 5 RINGS: 1.5 inch, 1.6 inch, 1.8 inch, 1.9 inch, 2 inches.
WEIGHT: 120 g.
CONTENT: Penis cage, 5 rings of different sizes (+ 1 top ring), 4 spacers and lock pins of different sizes, metal padlock with key, 5 plastic locks with individual numbers, storage pouch.

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Customer Reviews (2)
super stimulating chastity belt

This chastity belt is definitely the best I have tried. If you just spend a little time finding the right distance piece, then it just fits really well. It is not visible under clothing unless you wear tight trousers. It can be worn without problems for several days in a row. It is incredibly annoying to hand over the keys to the key holder andnot know when it will be unlocked again. If it is worn for several days, however, you must be very careful in the bath to get washed well with soap and rinse thoroughlyafterwards, a hair dryer is quite good to dry with. :-) it is recommended to lubricate with a little water-based lubricant for better comfort. a really good product that canonly be recommended if you are into that kind of play. ;-) Learn more

5 5 1

Have only good things to say - There are more "distance pins" and "rings" with so you can get a most comfortable fit - The padlock is of surprisingly hot quality, the other locks I have had with various toys have been few rings - It is super comfortable to wear, and even I had it in over 5 hours the first time, even though Ihave very little experience with such a thing. The only thing you have to be careful about is in relation to measuring the length. remember to check what they call"spacers" as you have to put it on top of the cage length (which is the 7.6 that is in the name). Can definitely recommend it to anyone who wants what they pay for! Learn more

5 5 1

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