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CB-6000 Chastity Device (3.2 inches)
CB-6000 Chastity Device (3.2 inches)
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CB-6000 Chastity Device (3.2 inches)  1
CB-6000 Chastity Device (3.2 inches)  2
CB-6000 Chastity Device (3.2 inches)  3
CB-6000 Chastity Device (3.2 inches)  4
CB-6000 Chastity Device (3.2 inches)  5
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CB-6000 Chastity Device (3.2 inches)

4.6 (5)
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Product Description

This is the original CB-6000. Many people consider the CB-6000 male chastity device and other chastity devices from the same series to be the best on the market. The CB-6000 is made from polycarbonate (hard plastic), which makes it light and extremely durable.

The rings, spacers and lock pins of different sizes make it possible to adjust the device so that it fits you perfectly. The diameter of the 5 rings is 1.5 inch, 1.6 inch, 1.8 inch, 1.9 inch and 2 inches respectively.

The chastity device has a length of 3.2 inches and an internal diameter of 1.4 inch. It is therefore suitable for average penis sizes - depending of course on how tight you want it to be. If you want a chastity device in a larger or smaller version, check out the CB-3000 (3 inches), CB-6000S (2.5 inches) or The Curve Chastity Device (3.7 inches).

How to use the CB-6000 Chastity Device:
- Put the desired ring over your penis and testicles.
- Put the top ring piece on the ring with the lock pins.
- Put the spacer on the lock pin. Then insert your penis into the cage and lock it with the padlock (alternatively you can use the plastic locks).
- Tip! Rub some lube on your penis to make insertion more comfortable.

Content: Penis cage, 5 rings of different sizes (+ 1 top ring), 4 spacers and lock pins of different sizes, metal padlock with key, 5 plastic locks with individual numbers, storage pouch.

N.B.! We also stock a chrome version of this chastity device here at Sinful.co.uk

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Hard plastic (polycarbonate).
LENGTH: 3.2 inches (penis cage).
TOTAL LENGTH: App. 4.7 inches.
DIAMETER OF THE 5 RINGS: 1.5 inch, 1.6 inch, 1.8 inch, 1.9 inch, 2 inches.
WEIGHT: 120 g.
CONTENT: Penis cage, 5 rings of different sizes (+ 1 top ring), 4 spacers and lock pins of different sizes, metal padlock with key, 5 plastic locks with individual numbers, storage pouch.

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Customer Reviews (5)
Fantastic and not so kinky

Got tips from a friend about this. You steer your old man to a better being. My husband has discovered more at, for example, bathhouses and the like, even though most of them are discreet. We have also had it on a nudist beach and it does not provoke much reactions, most positive from other women. But do not buy too big and use a ring so it fitstight it gives much better comfort. Next I will buy in quality for Sinful and in size 6.35 it is enough for those who have normal size. Hugs Learn more

5 5 1
Good product and some tips on games too

Fell into this and this cage of chastity by chance after his wife received a tip from a yoga buddy during a wine night during a yoga night. Work hard in the beginning and let it take time to get used to the beginning (shorter periods). Have this cage and it is very nice and good. Size feels perfect for my about 12 cm thing when it is limp. Thefunction of the cage is to give the woman control and make the man a better man who puts the woman and her pleasure in focus. The wife is happy with her friend's advice andthe decision to try it on me. Some fun games to add to the use: Before we enter a new period (usually 3-4 weeks) I roll a dice and where the number of dots determines thenumber of orgasms for her before the man is temporarily released for orgasm (usually via his wife's hand). 1-5 dots = many orgasms for her where 6 is like a joker and lets thewoman decide the number. We also use playing cards where I draw a card after each time she gets her: Spades means assignments etc. where, for example, a 4 of spades gave methe assignment to do good deeds for 4 strangers (preferably women - e.g., praise, helping hands ...) Diamonds raising a better man where a 7 of spades gave me the task ofcleaning the home perfectly dressed in socks with suspenders and high-heeled shoes Hearts means show my love for her and as an example here so a 5 of hearts meant to cookextra loving dinner and then dress her classically sexy and go out and have a drink. Spades are the woman's colour where she has both sexual freedom and ask me to look afterher. A 10 of spades gave me the task of polishing her shoes, dressing her up in what she wanted to wear and then both driving and picking her up after a date because her highheels were not suitable for a walk. She has said an ace of spades is the finest card and will be a very big surprise. We have both fun, a nice time and enjoyment and feel I ama better man. Have fun! Andreas Learn more

5 4 1
Awesome product

Tct Two years ago at Midsummer, I asked my friend about the secret to their sex life and relationship. She then showed these chastity belts. I secretly borrowed one of theirs. In mid-August, Stefan went to try. A lot of complaining in the beginning but then he had to stay a weekend with his friend's husband who taught many tricks, how to put on,clean, prostate milk and how good it is not to masturbate so much (and that we women prefer to take care of it) . The friend has a FLR contract, and much more. On Saturdaynight when my friend and I came back from Spa, they cooked all the food and served dessert naked in their penis cages. We like these in the CB series but have tried metalbecause we thought they were more like jewellery on nudist baths and the like. But these in plastic also have an advantage as sun protection and are easy to break/cut open ifkeys are lost or forgotten in, for example, hotels. By the way, it's a tip that spices up, throw a key in the river or bath when he looks on and let him understand yourincreased power and his addiction (maybe you have more locks anyway and it can be bought). One great thing - women buy and get a better husband and better sex life. And dareto show him and talk about it - the more the less fear in men. My husband wears it in a little over 50%. Happy keyholder since almost two years ago ?? Learn more

5 5 1
Magic thing for men

A magical invention. My husband is so much better and has found his feminine side with the chastity belt. He wanted to be cuckold and after a few years we tried. We love this grace and also each other more than ever now. These cages are good and work for single days or for periods of 2-3 months. They work everywhere like, good at the gym, work andnudist beaches. We see more and more people with cock cages like this. Someone said you can turn it over and get an erection in it. We have tried - no it does not work. So itdoes its job girls - so keep it and buy an extra one in a smaller size and maybe a different colour. Hugs from happy woman Learn more

5 4 1
Good cage

Good and stable but for me it is on the verge of being too small without huge resources but good and comfortable once it is on and can be worn for a long time without problems

5 4 1

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