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Clean Stream Luxury Enema Bulb
Clean Stream Luxury Enema Bulb
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Clean Stream Luxury Enema Bulb

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Product Description

With the Clean Stream Luxury Enema Bulb pump, you can easily and safely rinse yourself clean before anal play.

This Clean Stream Enema Bulb is really effective and ideal for te ones experienced with anal hygiene before play. The cleaning head is soft and flexible. As an extra plus, there are 8 small rinsing heads in the cleaning head. The small holes ensure that the water gets evenly distributed for optimal cleaning to avoid uncomfortable surprises during play.

How to use the Clean Stream anal douche:
1. Fill the pump with body-temperature water.
2. Carefully spray the water up anally and go to the toilet afterwards to rinse it out.
3. Repeat this process until it feels clean and the water that rinses out looks clean.

After use you need to thoroughly clean the part that gets inserted and the pump itself. Scald in boiling water but be mindful not to leave it in the boiled water. Simply give it a quick rinse; otherwise it can cause a change of shape.

Additional Information

TYPE: Enema bulb.
MATERIAL: ABS-plastic, rubber.
DIAMETER: 0.6 inch.
CONTENT: Up to 300 ml.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (4)
Cleans well

A very easy-to-use anal shower. Easy to fill and use. It is recommended lubricant to use lubricant to get it deep enough. Although the anal shower has a fairly large water tank, you will have to fill it several times to keep the outgoing water clean enough. The shower’s material is pleasant to the touch and suitable for hands of all sizes. Learn more

5 5 1
Works as it should

Good product, easy to use and clean. Can definitely recommend this :-)

5 5 1
Effective preparation

With this bulb you achieve an effective preparation for e.g. to use your anal vibrator. You cannot get a bulb like this at the pharmacies. Use a little lube on the tip when inserting and otherwise make sure to follow the instructions provided. Learn more

5 5 1
Makes cleaning a tantalizing experience

When I just got the product I thought it was big in size. However, it has proven to be perfectly appropriate, and if you have problems that a douche with thin "insertion" results in grooves, this product is a clear recommendation. Lubricant is important, however, and helps to provide a good and slightly exciting experienceduring cleaning. Learn more

5 5 1

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