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Anal Sex Toys for Couples


Anal toys for anal pleasure

Experiment with anal toys

When it comes to sex, many have a tendency to only focus on the genitals, both during foreplay and the actual intercourse. It’s a shame since a lot of people can experience great pleasure from stimulation in and around the anus, which you can find a lot of anal toys for. Whether you like big or small butt plugs, anal beads or prostate stimulators, we have a product that is exactly right for you.

But what can anal toys do that other products can’t? As the name suggests, anal toys s can stimulate you in and around the anus. The products can both be used during foreplay and intercourse to create an even more intense climax.

The nerves around the anus are extra sensitive, which is why it can feel very titillating to have something up your bottom. For many people, the feeling is enhanced when pulling out the product at the same time as you reach climax. Experiment by letting your partner pull it out at the right time for an extra intimate and arousing experience.

Small and huge anal sex toys - something for everyone

No matter what level you or your partner are at, you can gain a lot of pleasure from our selection of both small and huge anal sex toys.

If you’re completely new to it, but very curious, we offer a broad range of products for beginners which have a relatively small diameter that doesn’t seem too intimidating. You can also read our guide to get started with analsex.

If, however, you’re very practised within the field and want to take the next step on your journey, you can try out one of our huge anal toys. You can also go for an anal vibrator to add an extra level of teasing. There are plenty to choose from and everyone can find something that fits their needs.

No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced anal ally, it’s important that you always add a good anal lube. Since the anus doesn’t provide natural fluids in the same way as the genitals, you need to add some manually. Some couples also use it as the first step towards getting involved in anus play. You simply put some on your finger and insert it in the anus while getting used to the feeling and stimulation before involving bigger anal sex toys.

Get more intimate with the best anal toys

If you would like to introduce your partner to anal sex, it’s a good idea to add some of the best anal toys, both as part of intercourse and to warm up to it. It's great to experience how it actually feels before jumping straight into it.

A lot of couples are too fast when getting started with it, which can result in a negative experience that leads to you not wanting to try it again. It’s easier to feel it out when using some of the best anal toys before moving on to the real deal.

At Sinful, we are often contacted by customers who want to share stories about how they, as couples, have experienced a new form of intimacy after experimenting with anal toys. We are happy that our large selection of anal toys can help people gain great experiences and better sex lives. This is why we continue to enhance our assortment with new and exciting products for you to try and experiment with.

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Discreet delivery and packaging
Free shipping on orders over £55
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