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Clone-A-Willy Clone Your Penis Glow in the Dark
Clone-A-Willy Clone Your Penis Glow in the Dark
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Clone-A-Willy Clone Your Penis Glow in the Dark  1
Clone-A-Willy Clone Your Penis Glow in the Dark  2

Clone-A-Willy Clone Your Penis Glow in the Dark

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Product Description

The Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark is a fun way to surprise your partner. If you plan to go on a long trip away, then this will be a much appreciated gift. This way, you can be sure not to be forgotten.

With this set you can create a vibrating and luminous true copy of your penis.

Note! Be aware that the dildo is a light-skin colour in the light. In the dark it will have a beautiful green and luminous colour.

The set consists of everything you need: instructions, casting powder, silicone blend, vibrator as well as mould.

How to do it: 
1. Blend the casting powder with water.
2. Place your penis in the casting tube and wait for it to solidify.
3. Pour the silicone mass into the form.
4. Wait 24 hours and remove the copy of your own penis.

Clone Willy is produced under strict requirements in the USA and is 100% body friendly.

Tip! We recommend purchasing a cock ring, if you do not already own one, to use during the casting process, to successfully hold you erection.

Remember to always follow instructions in the guide when it comes to temperature and time, for the best results.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Silicone.
DIAMETER: Up to 2.4 inches.
WATERPROOF: Splash-proof.
POWER TYPE: 1 x AA battery (not included).
INTERFACE: 1 button.
LANGUAGE: English.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)
Nice and all that

Really lovely thing that lights up all my snuff and things, really makes it easier for Runar so that he hits the right spot. Screams loudly of pleasure every time EHEHEHEHE

5 5 1

Really fun product, love it

5 5 1
Incredibly fun!

The result is a very detailed copy. The procedure is really fun. I think it is worth all the money even though the 2 minutes you have to make the casting makes it a bit stressful and if it does not fit perfectly the first time you have to buy a new one. Super product and provides a fun evening to make. Learn more

5 5 1
Could have been fun

When the mixture was done and I was going to place the "falos" in the container, the mixture had already solidified. Plus there was not enough mixture to fill the whole container up (Min is about 20 cm.). It's not fair to give it a bad review, based on my bad experience, but just some things to keep in mind. Learn more

5 3 1
Funniest night ever !!!

Can only recommend people to buy this product! I bought it for my girlfriend because she was going to have a lot of exams now here and therefore you can be a little stressed sometimes and you may need to ease the tension, but it is not always you have time to be together, so it's a good way to always be there for her and not really be thereanyway! Plus it's fun for us to play with for that matter: P haha In addition to that, it is a super fun product and you definitely wrinkle the smiley face when you standtogether and make it and a tip may be that if you do not reach it within the 2 minutes and do not want to pay 399kr again for a new set just to get the moulding powder, youcan just buy the set where you can make a candle which only costs 179kr and make both a candle and a vibrator with the same shape; D Learn more

5 5 1

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