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Clone-A-Willy Light Skin Dildo Clone Kit
Clone-A-Willy Light Skin Dildo Clone Kit
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Clone-A-Willy Light Skin Dildo Clone Kit

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Product Description

The Clone-A-Willy kit is an easy and fun tool for making a precise, vibrating copy of your penis in platinum cure silicone. Cast it together with your partner or make the end result a surprise gift that can be enjoyed together or alone.

The kit includes everything you need to complete the casting process successfully - just read the comprehensive instructions thoroughly before starting and follow them closely. Pay special attention to the time and temperature limits to achieve best results. 

Clone-A-Willy is made of completely body-safe materials and the resulting dildo vibrator can be used as a sex toy. We recommend using it with water-based lube. The vibrator is powered by 1x AA battery, which is sold separately.

Pro tip! We recommend using a cock ring to help you maintain your erection while making the mold.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Silicone.
ALLERGENS: Free of phthalates and latex.
SIZE: Fits most men with a size of up to 9 inches.
WATERPROOF: Splashproof only.
- Molding tube: Length 11 inches, diameter up to 2.5 inches.
- Vibrator: Length 5 inches, diameter 1 inch.
POWER TYPE: 1 x AA battery (not included).
VIBRATIONS: 1 speed.
LANGUAGE: English, German, French, Spanish.
INCLUDED: Silicone, algae-based molding powder, molding tube, vibrator, thermometer, stirring stick.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)

Our opinion, after two attempts, we have given up. Heated the water according to instructions and we thought we were fast, but he barely filled the mass to the "shape" before it was stiff either lumpy or completely. We tried 2 times with the same result. Nothing for us. Learn more

5 1 1
Fun thing!

It went quite well. For some reason I happened to come while we were working on it, so it got a little messier than it should be, haha. Cool thing in any case!

5 5 1
Very dissatisfied

Good instructions etc but does not help if you have to be under 10cm to make some kind of copy, which in that case makes it quite useless

5 1 1

The product does not fail in anything, but you should write that if you are just a little well equipped, then there are not enough products at all. The tube it came in we could not use, it was not big enough in circumference. We even had alginate to put at home in advance, so we mixed a new serving and found a cup that fit. Then the imprint wasready! Then I mixed the silicone and poured in, it only filled up a little over half of the imprint, so it was all a waste of time. Learn more

5 2 1
Lots of fun!

My boyfriend and I bought this set, we read that some people failed in the attempt to cast it, so we bought an extra casting powder. But we did not need it, because it went perfectly. Good instruction and really easy to use, it just needs to be kept going. But the boyfriend took care of that :-P We had super fun with it, and the result was megagood and really detailed .. we could easily do it again :-) Learn more

5 5 1

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