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Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer
Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer
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Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

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Product Description

If you want an even more natural experience with your fleshlight, then you need to try warming up the sleeve first. The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer warms up your sleeve to 40 degrees, which is the perfect temperature for a very natural feeling.

It only takes 5 minutes for the sleeve to warm up and be ready for a sensual and soft experience.

The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer is simple to use and absolutely indispensable for you who is turned on by an extra naughty, real-feel experience. Use the included USB cable to connect it to a power source.

Pull your Fleshlight Superskin over the wand and turn the warmer on. You do not need to turn the temperature up or down along the way, as the built-in thermostat ensures a constant temperature.

You can also use the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer to store your sleeve when it is not in use.

The warmer is easy to clean with a damp cloth and a little mild soap. DO NOT warm up sex toys containing electronics with the Fleshlight SleeveWarmer.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 7.7 inches.
DIAMETER: 0.8 inch. Base: 2.6 inches.
POWER SOURCE: USB cable (included).
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (5)
Quite okay, but it heated

I’ve used this heater a few times now and yes it heats the Fleshlight from the inside out, but not from the outside. That is, the heat is felt only when it is pushed in. However, the heat is not really hot, but rather lukewarm and has time to evaporate in a matter of minutes. The heater is really easy to use. It should be noted, however, thatthe heater does not have a mains plug, but only a USB plug that can be inserted into a computer, for example, or you must separately purchase an accessory to connect thisdevice to a standard socket. The heating takes something 8-10 minutes and starts as soon as the plug is inserted into the power supply. The heating is completely quiet and thegreen light comes on. A small quiet click is heard when the light goes out and the heating is complete. The heater is made of plastic that is easy to wipe clean after eachuse. Learn more

5 4 1

This is a "must have accessory" for any Fleshlight. It warms it up in a few minutes and makes the experience exponentially better.

5 5 1

Bought this as a heater for my sleeve, but the diameter is way too small. Also, it turns off way too soon. But it can warm up the sleeve if you hold it while it warms up.

5 3 1
Nice with a little extra

I have previously tried to heat my fleshlight via hot water in the tap. However, it does not work optimally, so I thought I would try this SleeveWarmer from Fleshlight. The product works incredibly easily—you just throw it in a USB, apply a little lube and then put on your fleshlight sleeve. It takes approx. 5–9 minutes before your sleeve iswarmed up, and then it also stays warm nicely. It feels really nice, as it gives a whole new feel to your fleshlight. I 'warmly' recommend this sleeve warmer if you have the5–9 minutes of patience to let it warm up. Buy it! Learn more

5 5 1
Perfect for extra pleasure!

If you, like me, already love using your fleshlight, then the fleshlight sleeve warmer is a great addition! The heat you feel when you use it gives an enormously nice and wonderful feeling! Cold lube etc. is also less “shocking”, and instead it’s a soft and warm feeling when you insert the penis. It gets even better if you use a littleextra suction! Highly recommended! Learn more

5 5 1

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