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Fun Factory USB Charger
Fun Factory USB Charger
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Fun Factory USB Charger
Fun Factory USB Charger
Fun Factory USB Charger

Fun Factory USB Charger

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Product Description

Fun Factory USB Magnet Charger fits all Fun Factory’s rechargeable products. The charger clicks tightly on sex toys with the help from built-in magnets, so you can be sure that your sex toys are always ready to use.

Because this universal charger fits on to all Fun Factory products, you will not need to have more chargers if you have more than one of their products. In this way, Fun Factory ensures their products are as affordable as possible. They also make things easier for you and protect the environment.

Additional Information

FITS ON: All Click �n Charge vibrators.
USER GUIDE: German, English.
_X000D_ CHARGES VIA: Magnet.

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Customer Reviews (4)
Fun Factory USB - Charger

The Fun-Factory charger only works with these brands. Good charger and excellent value for money.

5 5 1
Simple, probably works on most magnet chargers

Will think it works on most two point magnet chargers. I used it on an old product. Seemed to work just like the previous charger

5 5 1
Cheap and necessary purchase

This cord has saved me so my Cobra can be recharged again. The original cord was broken after frequent use. Then just order a new cord and the charger will work again in your machine. Learn more

5 5 1
USB magnetic charger

Simple and flexible, no fuss

5 5 1

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