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Kiotos Ball Stretcher in Steel
Kiotos Ball Stretcher in Steel
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Kiotos Ball Stretcher in Steel

Kiotos Ball Stretcher in Steel

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Product Description

The Kiotos Ball Stretcher in Steel is a kinky sex toy for men who seek to intensify titillating stimulation through action on their balls. A ball stretcher stretches the balls with a good weight, pulling them downward.

The Kiotos Ball Stretcher in Steel is especially effective when you're close to climax. Normally the balls contract back towards the body when approaching climax, but when you use the Ball Stretcher its weight counteracts the contraction. The body then has to work harder to pull the balls back, which can give you an even more powerful climax than normal.

The Kiotos Ball Stretcher fastens and unfastens with the Allen key included in the package. The Ball Stretcher comes in 3 different sizes (weights) depending on how much you wish to stretch the balls. The 3 different weights of the Ball Stretcher are 30 mm (378 g), 40 mm (515 g) and 60 mm (806 g).

Additional Information

SIZE: 30, 40 and 60 mm.
WEIGHT: 378 g, 515 g. and 806 g.
INNER DIAMETER: Approx. 1.5 inch.
OUTER DIAMETER: Approx. 2 inches.
OPENS WITH: Allen Key (included).

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)
My Balls on stretching

Really, powerful and submissive feeling when the testicles stretch.

5 5 1
Surprisingly good!

First time I try to stretch. Chose this in the smallest size after reading a lot online. Simple, stylish little thing of a good weight. With a little warm-up (stretch with "OK sign", thumb and forefinger around the scrotum over the the testicles) it went on quite effortlessly. Although I could not find the lube! First place the halfwithout a holes in the back. Then place the other half in front and fasten with the screws. I think it was easiest to fasten one screw a little, before I "folded in"the skin and fastened the other. Then screw on. The stretcher gives a good, heavy feeling, especially when you move. Already thinking now that I want even a little moreweight. A little excited about what the boyfriend says! The finish is good, but NOTE: It does not matter which way you screw it together! The halves are not completelysymmetrical, and if you place 180 degrees incorrectly, the ring will not be completely smooth in the joint. And that's not OK. It also doesn’t say what is right. Learn more

5 4 1
Ball stretcher

A really good stretcher for those who like to stretch the scrotum, I can highly recommend it!

5 5 1
Needs a bit of getting used to

Bought the 30 mm one. It was difficult to get on the first few times, but became easier after a couple of tries, when you figured out how to stretch the scrotum to get around the halves. Expect some blood the first 2-3 times ;-)! After 5-6 times you get the hang of the technique. Shaving is of course a must. It is super pleasurable to use andreally adds a lot during intercourse as the scrotum slaps in the "right" way, the wife appreciates it a lot and it is comfortable even when you just walk around andfeel the weight of it. Good and stable material that feels soft, despite the weight and the metal. I wish they would change it so that the halves were connected with some kindof hinge mechanism, to make them easier to assemble. I’m now considering moving up to the next size. Learn more

5 5 1
Perfect for training

It was a little hard to get on the first time but it was well worth it afterwards. It's perfect when I want him to be compliant. If I want him to think about me for a whole day, I let him go to work with it on. Believe me, it works. With a leash on it and a small whip, there are no limits to what he is willing to do. I am very satisfied. Learn more

5 5 1

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