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Latex-free Condoms

Don’t let your allergies keep you from practicing safe sex - choose latex-free condoms. Latex-free condoms are ideal for people who are allergic to regular condoms, but can be used by anyone who wants a thinner condom for an extra intimate sexual experience.


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Latex-free condoms for extra protection

Latex-free condoms for everyone

With so many different variants to choose from, it can be difficult finding the right condoms for you. And for many, they are the primary choice when preventing unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases. But how do you choose the one that fits you best?

The market offers versions that are big, small, extra thin, with taste, and much more. In this text, we are going to focus on latex-free condoms. They are both extra thin and unlike most other variants, free of any latex in the material. This is perfect for you, if you have allergies or are sensitive to that type of material. 

Though allergy is an obvious reason to choose latex-free condoms, they also offer other advantages compared to different models. Latex-free condoms are often made in a very thin material, and are even thinner than the ones marketed as such. This is an advantage as it increases sensitivity during intercourse, making it feel more natural for both parties involved, while still protecting you both.

Condoms: latex-free for sensitive skin

Latex allergies aren't something many deal with, as it is only 1-2% of the population who have it, and especially people within the health industries. Normally symptoms come to show through itchiness and red skin whenever you have been in contact with products of this material, though there are also more intense reactions. This is of course not something you wish for whenever sex is on the timetable. And remember even though you may not be allergic, it could be that your partner is, making the condoms latex-free versions a good fit for anyone - especially when with a new partner where you don’t know the situation. 

More and more suppliers have started producing condoms latex-free versions, making it much easier to get them today compared to just a few years back. Well-known brands such as Durex and Pasante offer these versions in their assortment. This also includes Manix Skyn, who not only produce latex-free condoms, but also offer them in many different sizes. So if you’re looking for either a bigger or smaller model than average, you can take a look at our selection from the brand on this site.

Remember the lube

Both latex-free condoms and normal versions often come with a bit of lube on them from the start. But sex is of course always best with a good amount of lube, and therefore it doesn’t hurt to add some extra, if you want to make sure everything feels comfortable and runs smoothly. You can easily put on a bit of lube on the outside of the latex-free condom, but also on the inside (this is applied to the penis before putting it on), if you want to ensure a more natural and good feel. If you want a bit of extra stimulation, you can even choose a lube with a stimulating effect that is created to increase your senses. Just make sure you choose a lube that fits with the condoms you use. 

If you have any doubts or questions about this, you can always contact our customer service. We are ready to find the right fit for you, and ensure that you get the best possible experience when shopping with us.


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