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Penis Sleeves & Extenders

Spoil your partner with an instantly bigger and fuller erection. Here you will find a range of penis sleeves and extenders in different materials. From our selection you will definitely find a sleeve that fits your needs perfectly.

Penis sleeve - Bigger and fuller erection

What is a cock sleeve?

A cock sleeve has more than one function, but what it really comes down to is a win-win situation for you and your sex partner. If you choose the right one when having sex, you can even kill three birds with one stone. Why? Because the unique thing about a cock sleeve is that it gives you both a bigger width, length and a much harder and longer-lasting erection. And honestly, who doesn’t dream about this? 

It functions as a type of holster you can put over your penis when it is erect. They are primarily made of silicone and come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours. You can also find versions with grooves or vibrations, which can take yours and a partner’s level of pleasure to completely new heights. 

A cock sleeve is thereby ideal for you, if you want to achieve a new and different sex experience. It is also a great tool for you, if you have experienced troubles with making an erection last throughout the whole span of the intercourse, as it functions in the same way as a cock ring. Browse through our large selection here and find your new favourite.

How is a cock sleeve different from a stroker?

Here at Sinful, you can find a wide variety of different penis sleeves to choose from. And they are not only for satisfying your partner. We also offer versions for you if you are single and want to feel bigger when masturbating. Here you can even find models with grooves on the inside, making the experience more intense and pleasurable. These are like the details you also find on the inside of our strokers, but the difference is that strokers are not meant to be used during intercourse. So even though a penis sleeve can sometimes be used for the same purpose, a stroker cannot be used in the same ways as a penis sleeve

One of the most popular models in our shop is made of a transparent silicone material that can be used for both masturbation and intercourse. With its teasing inner structures that stimulate the penis, while at the same time adding 5 centimeters to the perimeter, it can take your experience to new dimensions. It’s called the Perfect Fit Fat Boy, which should be placed over your penis and all the way down before you start either playing with yourself or a partner. 

Penis sleeve vibrating with pleasure

Among our large selection, you can even find penis sleeves vibrating with pleasure. With this, we are of course referring to our models that offer the vibration feature. These are often designed in a way where there is an attachment fit for a bullet vibrator. This is placed so it fits with the placement of the clitoris while being in a missionary position. But it not only provides the receiver with an intense pleasure from the vibrations caressing the clit, it also adds an extra stimulation for the wearer who will also feel the vibrations throughout the penis. Voila, a win-win for both parties. It can also be a pleasurable feature when using it for solo fun time. 

If you have any questions or are in doubt about which penis sleeve UK from our selection you should choose, you are always more than welcome to contact our customer service. We are ready to help you out and guide you in the right direction.

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TickDiscreet delivery and packaging
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