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TENGA Masturbators

The Japanese sex toy giant TENGA produces fascinating masturbators for men. They don't resemble traditional sex toys at all, and many of them are not only extremely stimulating, but also very stylish and discreet. Pick your favourite and prepare for an explosive experience.

TENGA - stimulating, stylish and discreet

How the TENGA masturbator came to be

The TENGA masturbator was created by the Japanese car mechanic, Koichi Mastumoto. He had been working with the inner mechanics of cars for a decade, which is what inspired his idea of creating a sex toy with the same design as a car motor. By using this technique, he could create a new and innovative product with a beautiful and elegant look. The first model was introduced in 2005 and has since developed into an array of different variants with something to satisfy every taste. 

The Japanese word “tenga” translates to “beautifully arranged and elegant” and was historically used to describe the Japanese women in beautiful kimonos. The TENGA masturbator was named as such, because the creator wanted to create a new vision for male sex toys. These are normally not very inviting or modern in design, almost giving them a reputation for being directly distasteful. It doesn’t have to be like this, and the TENGA masturbator is living proof that male sex products can be both beautiful and elegant in design. Anyone can use these products without feeling the least bit of shame or fear that anyone stumbles over them. 

TENGA male masturbator - simple and elegant

Unlike many other male sex toys on the market, the TENGA male masturbator does not seek to imitate the feeling of a real vagina. They want the user to experience something completely unique and different to anything else. With their large selection of products that come in both simple and advanced designs, there is something for everyone - whether you’re planning to use the TENGA male masturbator for some solo fun or want a partner to join in on the action. 

Here at Sinful, you can find a wide variety of different models that can all take your orgasm to new heights. You can try one of the more classic versions from the first two series, TENGA Cup and Fliphole, which are clearly inspired by cylinders and valves from the mechanics of car motors. There are also the popular egg-shaped models that come in different fun designs and colours, and can even be bought in a package of 6, just like an egg tray. With so many options, there are no limits to the fun you can experience with these toys. Just find your favourite and see what your pleasure can develop to.

Find the right one for you

With this many different options, it is important that you find the right fit for you. Different people have different needs, and of course this also counts when choosing the right TENGA masturbator. If you don’t have much experience with using these types of products, it can be difficult to know what you actually like. In this case, you can simply browse through our large selection and choose the one that catches your eyes first. There are no rules for choosing the right TENGA masturbator, so you have to give it a try and follow your gut instincts. Maybe start off with a cheaper model to see if you like the general feel of it and then move on to more complicated models, if you want to take the intense pleasure even further. 

If you have any doubts or questions about our selection of TENGA masturbators, you are always welcome to contact our customer service. We are ready to help you out with anything you need and make sure you get the best experience possible when shopping on our website.

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