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Oral Fun Game Board Game
Oral Fun Game Board Game
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Oral Fun Game Board Game

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Product Description

Invite your partner to a fun and kinky evening with the Oral Fun game - a feast for both the body and the eyes.

With this erotic board game, you will no doubt find new and titillating ways to satisfy each other orally.

Just add passion, curiosity and your own ingredients such as berries or other delicacies, ice cubes, fizz (champagne, sparkling water, etc.), lube with flavour and preferably a blindfold, although a pair of tights or a tie work just as well here.

The game subjects you to exciting, fun and sexy ways to spoil each other, while the 30 trivia cards boost your sex knowledge with fun facts about sex. True or false: Men get an average of 11 erections a day?

The game reaches its climax whenever one of you gets to the square 69 - and then you both win.

Oral Fun is in English, but very easy to understand. Game contains a game board (18.5 x 5.5 inches), 30 trivia cards, dice and 2 game pieces.

Additional Information

TITLE: Oral Fun.
RULES: Simple.
AGE LIMIT: Minimum 18 years.
LANGUAGE: English.
INCLUDED: 1 x game board of 18.5 x 5.5 inches, 30 x trivia cards, 1 x dice and 2 x game pieces.

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Customer Reviews (1)

Totally ok play but wished it would be more erotic. Maybe even for more than just two players.

5 4 1

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