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Aneros HELIX Prostate Stimulator var 1


Aneros HELIX is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

HELIX has a stimulating form which massages up against the prostate.The thin and angled handle gives good movement and the possibility of direct stimulation.

Take control of your Aneros HELIX or get your partner to join in the fun.

To get the best results with your Aneros product, we recommend that you use a lubricant for your play.

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Requires practice
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I've wanted an Aneros for a long time, as I've read about other people's experiences with it. I'll probably have to work with it a bit, as I didn't get the big "suction" the first time I tried it. I know that the website has more "information" for better utilisation of this, so it must be studied.
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Easy to learn, hard to master
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
The title says it all about the Aneros HELIX prostate stimulator (referred to as Helix from now on). The whole trick with Helix is to insert it into the anus so that the head presses on the prostate, while the part of the handle that curves upwards presses on the perineurium. Both the prostate and the perineurium are erogenous zones rich in nerve fibres, especially the prostate. "So what?" Well, if you train yourself to have orgasms purely through stimulation of the prostate or, for that matter, erogenous zones other than the penis (yes, it takes training), you will be able to experience the almost mythical multiple dry orgasms that few can boast of having experienced. However, be prepared for a long road ahead. If you're not so patient, you can also use Helix as a supplement to normal "wet" orgasms. Wet orgasms are intensified when the prostate is stimulated at the same time. In other words, Helix can be used solo or during intercourse. One disadvantage of Helix is that the part of the handle that curves upwards and stimulates the perineurium is hard, and during longer sessions with the toy inserted, you can get a little sore. And that immediately leads me on to the next disadvantage. You'll have to use it in long sessions over weeks/months/years before you master dry multiple orgasms. You may have a few isolated successes along the way, but once you've reached your goal, you should be able to plug it in and achieve multiple dry orgasms on command. After the Helix is inserted (slowly and with copious amounts of lube, possibly with one or two fingers first), the prostate is stimulated hands-free by contracting the anal sphincter. Rhythmic contractions cause the Helix to make pumping movements. By varying the force and frequency, you can get a lot of fun out of it. If you're trying to train yourself for dry orgasms, don't stimulate the penis simultaneously, and some believe that the longer it's been since your last wet orgasm, the easier it is to achieve dry orgasms. Whether you're new or experienced, looking for multiple dry orgasms or just want a stronger wet orgasm, Helix is for you. Helix is not for those who are not into anal play or for the impatient.
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Oh my god, it's so lovely.
Anonymous - 11. jul. 2014
Hi. I've been wanting to play with these weird gadgets for a long time, but I'll be honest and say that I was a little bit sceptical until yesterday. The procedure I used below is totally clinical so I'm sure others can follow it. 1: Showered and made sure I was well rinsed. Personally, I don't like that part of it, but it's a necessary evil. 2: lay down on the bed and played with myself gently while gently running 2 fingers in and out of my bum. 3: applied Vaseline to the Helix and pushed it in and out a few times, not all the way in on the first try, but further in each time to get my body used to the new penetration. 4: lay quietly with it for about 20 minutes and breathed calmly, deeply and gently, breathing is apparently very important. Something happened, but not much, and I'm not the most patient person around, so I used my Magic wand on the helix. I'll put it this way, my body orgasm lasted for about 3 to 5 minutes and it just kept going and going. Definitely not something to try while the neighbour is home next time blush. Finally, the downside. You have to be very relaxed before anything happens. It gives me multiple orgasms as promised.
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Demanding, but give it a try!
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
No easy shortcuts here. Aneros requires time and energy, and lots of practice, where you just have to let go of control and surrender. It's not easy, but in return for your efforts, you'll experience orgasms that are completely different, long-lasting and deeply rooted in your entire body. It's actually just too crazy and hard to describe in words what this clinical-looking gadget can do. Try it for yourself!
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The best for beginners
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
If you want to achieve a prostate orgasm, this is optimal if you haven't tried it before. Unlike traditional butt plugs, it's less noticeable when it's been in your arse for a while. It's moulded to fit the male anatomy. The trick is to take your time and NOT use your hands on the penis, but let the plug do the work for you by tightening and releasing the anamus muscles. It may take a while to reach your first orgasm, but it's definitely worth it.
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Practice makes perfect
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I have had the Aneros Helix for a couple of years now, and have had a complicated relationship with it. This is far from a toy that can be plugged in and expect incredible pleasure. Mastering Aneros products takes practice, knowledge and a large dose of patience. There is a forum and a wiki page dedicated to the Aneros range and the best way to achieve a prostate orgasm that involves the whole body and should feel far better than a regular orgasm ("Super-O" it is called). It has gone so far that several members advocate for different techniques, but the mainstay is to give yourself plenty of time to get to know yourself and listen to your body. For the massive potential pleasure it can give you, the Helix gets top marks, but it's far from easy or quick to use. It's also made of durable, non-porous and high-quality material that gives a sense of security and durability. The design behind it is also very well thought out, though I wish the handle wouldn't get in the way when lying on your back. In short, this is a product for those men who are serious and willing to discover and learn and have at least 1 hour per use at their disposal.
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Aneros HELIX Prostate Stimulator

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