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Aneros HELIX SYN Trident Prostate Stimulator var 1


Treat yourself to the best possible stimulation of your sensitive prostate with the Aneros HELIX SYN Trident Prostate Stimulator.

This characteristic stimulator has an anatomically accurate design which makes it particularly well-suited for precision stimulation of your sensitive male G-spot. Its external parts massage your perineum and sensitive Kundalini spot simultaneously for an unparalleled sensation of pleasure.

Enjoy its intense stimulation and deep climax either on your own or together with your partner. Helix Syn Trident can be used hands-free, so you can let your wandering fingers explore other erogenous zones.

The stimulator is made from phthalate-free silicone with a flexible surface that feels fantastic against your skin. It has an insertable length of 4 inches and a diameter of 1 inch at its widest point.

Includes a sleek red storage box with practical magnetic closure.

Product Weight (g)32
IncludedStorage Box
Full Length (in)4.33
Insertable Length (in)4.02
Diameter (in)1.06
Width (in)1.06
Primary materialSilicone
Recommended LubeWater based
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The path to the superorgasm goes through this
ClassyDuck - 30. aug. 2020
This is the best prostate stimulator I have tried. It is not as big and invasive as other prostate stimulators can be, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any worse. On the contrary, Helix Syn has a fit designed to achieve the so-called super-orgasm (super-O). This may take a few gos, but is absolutely amazing! The small size means that it can also be used by beginners.
Good and Delightful
Jakob - 10. sep. 2019
This gave me a really good feeling that cannot be described. Easy to clean and to get into the behind!
Very satisfied
Erik - 27. aug. 2020
I can start with the fact that so far I have not had time to use this much and so far have not managed to reach orgasm. This is a product that requires a lot of time and commitment to become pleasuring. However, there is an incredible amount of resources in the aneros community with so many tips on how to get there that it will probably help everyone to finally succeed. So far, it has felt very promising and I feel that it has good potential. The design feels very well worked out and I feel that it targets my prostate very well. For me, prostate vibrators have felt a little aggressive and mostly hurt. That you control this with the body's own muscles is therefore a big bonus point as you have a lot of control yourself. With this product, I also really understood why it might be worth spending more money on a sex toy. The silicone on this is so incredibly smooth, it can not be compared to any other silicone toy I have had before. The only negative thing is actually the price as it is quite expensive, although in my opinion it is very well priced. The new design is said to fit even more bodies than their previous ones. However, there are no guarantees that they will fit everyone and you may therefore need to try some of their other models before finding one that fits. Unfortunately, this can be a bit costly. I can highly recommend this to you if you want to go far with your prostate orgasms and are willing to put in the time and effort required. If, on the other hand, you feel that you just want something that is quick, easy and does the job for you, there are better products for it. However, this is well worth the effort and once you have succeeded, it is no harder than with a vibrator.
New sensations!
Louie - 5. dec. 2019
Was relatively new to the number two game, have tested a couple of prostate vibrators before but they did nothing special for me. Read about Aneros and learned that Helix trident would be a beginners model. This little thing slides in easily and fits like a glove, absolutely perfect fit. Then the idea is that with the help of your muscles down there you can get the toy going. It takes a little practice but once you have learned - OMG! I'm just saying. I climaxed several times in a row. It is also very nice to use during intercourse. The orgasm gets longer and stronger. An absolutely wonderful product. Thanks Aneros!
Poor value for money.
Sami - 18. nov. 2019
Easy to use and hits the right spot, but not intense enough to get an orgasm. A nice addition to sex alone and with a partner, intensifies orgasms and makes sex more enjoyable. But, nothing tremendous.
Definitely nice....
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
but not as nice as I thought. Must give it more chances.
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Aneros HELIX SYN Trident Prostate Stimulator

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