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baseks Anal Douche 225 ml var 1

baseks Anal Douche 225 ml

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With the baseks Anal Douche, you get the best experience when experimenting with anal stimulation so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

The anal douche cleans you out completely, so no nasty surprises during anal play. This is just what you need if you want to completely relax and give yourself over to anal pleasure.

The douche is easy and hygienic to use. Fill the pump up with lukewarm body temperature water, and apply lubricant on the flush pipe for comfortable insertion. Gently insert the flush pipe into the anus and slowly spray water up. Then let the water flush into the toilet. Repeat the process until clean water flushes out.

baseks Anal Douche is made using PVC. It can contain 225 ml, and is easy to clean. The flush pipe can be removed.

Product Weight (g)99
Full Length (in)7.09
Insertable Length (in)2.36
Diameter (in)0.31
Primary materialPVC
Recommended LubeWater based
LanguageDanish, English, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, French, German, Dutch
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Flexible and affordable
Female 33 - 26. sep. 2020
Works great! Easy to use and doesn’t feel strange. But am wondering what the best way to clean it is? The pipe is stuck. Don’t want to know how bacteria etc thrive inside the "balloon" after a while ...
Super happy!
Bunnyboy - 14. sep. 2020
It’s easy to use, USE LUBE before inserting it so no one is hurt. Really wonderful product that does what it’s supposed to and helps you to be able to relax afterwards!
Hon - 30. aug. 2020
Was super the first times I used it! But after a while when I injected water and was going to pull it out, the tube got stuck in my ass. Panicked but got the tube out. I recommend the product. Screw the pipe into so that it doesn’t come loose. Otherwise the material is light and it’s easy to use!
Really great and simple!
Smulan <3 - 7. aug. 2020
My first shower and I am super happy! Perfect size and easy to use. I use it pretty much every day. You feel really super fresh after use. RECOMMEND RECOMMEND!
It's great!
Anonymous - 9. dec. 2018
This is a super nice shower! Easy to use and gives a nice feeling afterwards. Just a little lubricant on the tube, and then you can hardly do it wrong. Has certainly made me relax more and feel cleaner. All in all, a great product.
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confidence BOOST
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I've been so afraid to try anal before buying an anal douche. It makes the whole experience so much better. This one is easy to clean and easy to figure out. TOP FEATURES
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Much more secure
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
When my boyfriend suggested this to me, my immediate concerns were about how dirty I felt it was in my "end". But luckily, these Douche's came up as soon as you looked at anal toys and this one works perfectly as intended.
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Easy and convenient
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Easy and straightforward to use when you want to rinse off before a visit to the back door.
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Seems to do what it's supposed to
Anonymous - 12. nov. 2019
First time trying a product like this. Lots of lubricant and it works. The tip is a little hard and stiff, but is probably difficult to make in a softer material. Then there's the issue of using it correctly and for long enough. It's a bit difficult to know when it's enough. I've used it until the water was clean and then 10 minutes later realised it wasn't quite enough after all. But it will probably come with experience.
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Highly recommended
Anonymous - 1. jun. 2020
Easy to use and gives a nice feeling of cleanliness. Happy to recommend it.
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