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Bathmate Hydrodouche is a new and effective anal douche for you experimenting with anal stimulation. 

With Bathmate Hydrodouche you can wash yourself thoroughly before anal play to create the best conditions for a pleasurable experience and to avoid unpleasant surprises in the middle of pleasure.

While a normal anal douche contains a limited amount of water, BathMate Hydrodouche contains a larger amount, so you have the opportunity to make yourself clean faster and with fewer flushes.

At the same time, gives you the power to control the water pressure, with your comfort in mind.

Bathmate Hydrodouche contains all the parts necessary to clean yourself anally.

How to use Bathmate Hydrodouche: Assemble BathMate Hydrodouche in the same way the video on this page demonstrates. Then hang the container up into the shower rod with the attached strap and make sure that the container opening is facing upwards.

Fill the container to the brim with body temperature water, attach the regulator clip and adjust the water pressure as you wish. Gently spray water up your anus and then proceed to the toilet and let the water flush out into the toilet. For even more comfort, apply lubricant to the flush pipe before inserting. Repeat the process, until it feels quite clean and the water that flushes into the toilet, looks clean.

When you are done using your BathMate Hydrodouche, make sure to clean the part that is inserted into your anus thoroughly. We suggest doing so with warm water and an antibacterial sex toy cleaning spray. In connection with cleaning, remember to drain all the water in the hose and your Hydrodouche properly, before drying and packing it away.  

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Bathmate Hydrodouche Anal Rinsing

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