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Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy var 1


Do you want the best value for your money when it comes to increasing the circumference of your penis? Then the Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy is the answer.

Your penis has more potential to increase in circumference than in length, and many experience growing too wide for their other penis pump, without being able to utilise the extra length. Here the Wide Boy is ideal, as there is lots of space to grow in width.

Hydromax is used in water where the combination of vacuum and water pressure creates a temporary penis enlargement

How to use the Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy Penis Pump: - Make sure the soft ring at the lowest part of the pump is firmly attached to the pump. - Put the small grey tip at the end of the pump in locked position and fill the pump with water. - While in the shower, relax and place the pump around your penis. - With the pump in an upward facing angle, unlock the grey tip and start with pumping. - Pump until the lower black part of the pump is so compressed that you are unable to continue pumping. - For the best result, release pressure after a couple of minutes and repeat the whole process 2–3 times during a 10–15 minute period.  

Note! It’s not possible to create a permanent enlargement of a penis with a penis pump, but if you use it often and, for instance, before sex, you will experience a good effect. Many men also achieve a more intense sensation during masturbation and sexual intercourse after using the penis pump.

Product Weight (g)433
Insertable Length (in)7.5
Inner Depth (in)9.8
Inner Diameter (in)2.4
Primary materialPC (Polycarbonate)
Recommended LubeWater based
LanguageChinese, Spanish, English, Japanese, Italian, French, Russian, German, Portuguese
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Bathmate Hydromax X30 Wide Boy
Pumpithuge - 16. dec. 2018
I received the product very quickly in a discreet package. The product works just the way I wanted it, I can make my penis thicker whenever I want some variation with my girlfriend during our fun time. The Bathmate Hydromax X30 Wide Boy is durable, easy to use, and pumping is nice and easy in the shower. 5/5
Plant from my Bathmate hydromax 5.
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
As the title says, I have outgrown the Bathmate hydromax 5. Not in length but in width. I do have Bathmate HydroXtreme 9 at home, but this is a bit too long for my (My penis is now: ~5.5", and 6" in circumference) penis which would result in slower results in my journey through my penis enlargement. I did use the Bathmate HydroXtreme 9 for a few weeks. But as it was too big for my penis, I got poor results. When I got the Bathmate hydromax 5, I really saw results. NOTE! The penis enlargement will be permanent, if you use it properly (and over a long period of time), and combine it with Jelqing while resting through each set, and possibly days that you don't use the pump. This is my experience anyway. Patience and discipline are key here. When my penis is at rest now (not erect) it is much thicker and slightly longer now (everything feels more substantial), there is a big difference from when I started my training and today. When erect, my penis is also much larger. My training programme: ----------------------------- First weeks: Set 1, max pressure: 3 minutes. Rest: Jelqing 3 minutes. Set 2, max pressure: 3 minutes. Rest: Jelqing 3 minutes. Set 3, max pressure: 3 minutes. Rest: Jelqing 3 minutes. ----------------------------- When my penis was used, I increased to 5 minutes of up-pumping, x 3 times. During rest, I do Jelqing for 3 minutes. I use baby oil to facilitate Jelqing (less friction). Now at the end I do the last set for 10 minutes. So; | 5 min | Jelqing | 5 min | Jelqing | 10 min| Jelqing |. However, Bathmate recommends a maximum of 15 minutes of pumping up the penis (5 min x 3 times). It is important that you listen to your penis. There should be no pain when your penis is pumped up in the tube. And remember that more is not better. If you keep your penis pumped up for too long, it is likely to be damaged. So stick to 15-20 minutes in the pumped-up state per day. I use a timer so I can keep track of the times. Think of this as a workout for your penis. With the HydroXtreme versions of Bathmate, it can be easy to have too much pressure in the tube, but listen to the Penis and you'll be fine. If it hurts, you have to stop right away. I understand why Sinful says that penis enlargement is not permanent. If you do not know what it takes to use this product (to get a larger permanent penis) and only use it once in a while and give up, you will not see a permanent increase in your penis size. I have seen reviewers here, who suggest that they only use the pump occasionally, but then you don't get any permanent results. Bathmate has developed this product to achieve permanent penis enlargement for the user. There are many users who attest to this, including myself. You must treat training as a disciplined ritual, which you do almost every day. Personally, I rest my penis on Saturday and Sunday. I do the workout (5 min x 3 times) in the evening before bedtime, from Monday evening until Friday evening. I never skip my penis training. ----------------------------- The reason I need to change the pump: When I use the pump (Bathmate hydromax 5) without the comfort kit (but it hurts a bit in the scrotum then, and difficult to get the penis straight in the tube), my penis expands on the width much more (all the way to the edges of the tube), but also much more on the length. When I use the comfort kit, the penis expands to the maximum in width (the penis stiffens in the tube / in the comfort kit on the sides), but the penis does not seem to be able to expand as much in length. You could say that the penis fills up the entire thickness of the tube. Limiting the width also seems to limit the expansion lengthwise as well. So I think I will have a hard time seeing results unless I switch to a larger model of Bathmate's penis pump. It seems that my penis is a bit too thick for the Bathmate hydromax 5. Next will be this: Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy. I assume that this pump from Bathmate has the same fantastic quality as the other pumps: Bathmate hydromax 5 and Bathmate HydroXtreme 9. I am extremely pleased with the results that these pumps from Bathmate have given me. My penis has become permanently thicker/larger and a little longer too. I think the most common thing is that the penis first starts to increase in thickness and then length. This is at least what I have heard from other users (from different forums, and pornhub). But it can be different for different people. I can highly recommend the penis pumps from Bathmate. The pumps give great results for me anyway. Since I discovered these fantastic pumps, my life has become better.
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Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy

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