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Beppy Soft + Comfort Tampons Dry 8 pcs var 1


Beppy Dry Comfort is a smart and comfortable alternative to tampons for "that time of the month". It is a small, soft pink tampon, which is 2 inches long and 1 inch high. The soft sponge-material makes it easy to insert up, because it adapts to the inner anatomy. It is developd by a team of gynaecologists, who focused on the special form of sponges.

Beppy tampons are designed for women who wish to have complete freedom of movement during travelling, sport, swimming and ever during sex. The sponge has a good absorbency, ensuring that you stay clean and dry when you use it.

Beppy tampons are single-use products. You can use it for between 4-8 hours, all depending on how heavy your flow is. The tampons are also available in a "wet" version, where the sponge has added vaginal intimate cream. Try both versions and find out which type best suits your needs.

Note! Beppy does not recommend having sex if your partner is very long, as the sponge will get pushed far back in the vagina.

How to use a Beppy tampon: 1. Wash your hands thoroughly. 2. Remove the sponge from it's packaging. You could wet it or apply a little lubricant before insertion. 3. Take it between your thumb and index finger, and press together. 4. It is easiest to insert up if you stand up with one leg on a, for eg. chair. 5. Use your other hand to "open", and insert the sponge as hig hup as you can. 6. When you want to remove the sponge you use the same procedure. It may be helpful to wash yourself and get the sponge wet again for easier removal. 7. The sponge may not be thrown away in the toilet.

Full Length (in)1.18
Insertable Length (in)1.18
Diameter (in)1.97
Primary materialPolyurethane
Recommended LubeWater based
LanguageEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Dutch
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Customer reviews (0)
Cannot live without
PU - 22. jun. 2016
They work They are soft, so the man does not feel anything, and therefore you do not have to think about anything other than just enjoying each other. I have not bled through yet and the package is used;) They are easy to set up, but practice makes perfect at getting them out ....;) It's probably the only minus the first few times. But otherwise I can only recommend this product! As I said, I can not live without;)
Ingenious but cumbersome
T. - 31. jul. 2013
I was recommended these tampons by a friend and after reading the reviews here I had to try them. They sounded a little too good to be true, so I was very excited. They worked perfectly! Neither I nor my partner could feel them and we both think they were absolutely brilliant! Until I had to get the tampon out again, which turned out to be a bit of a challenge. It had come so far up that it was quite difficult to get out so it took some time before it succeeded and therefore I can only give it 4 stars. So far I have only tried the tampons once and it is hard to say if the tampon only came up so far because it went pretty wild when we were together and because we enjoyed each other a few times, or about my anatomy just does not quite fit these tampons. I expect to try them again and see if they are easier to get out if you only have sex once with it in.
NH - 17. feb. 2013
Why this is not a product that can be bought in a grocery store / chemist’s is a mystery to me, as it will make life, especially during menstruation, so much easier for so many. I wish I had discovered it much earlier! It would be absolutely optimal if you also carried the other two sizes and not just M as you do today. However, I have (and of course I do not guarantee this is a good idea) cut them so that they "fit" better as they are otherwise a bit large. But all in all, big praise from here.
Clear recommendation!
Iben - 26. nov. 2012
I had gotten a new men's acquaintance and due to full calendars we had agreed on a date 5 days in the future. This of course means that we really put in the tile oven for a hot romance that day. Unfortunately, I get menstruation, and all of a sudden, good advice is expensive. Of course I contact sinful.dk, and put the cards on the table: "I'm menstruating and I'm having sex - can we do something?". The answer is 'soft tampons'. I had probably heard of the concept of 'sponges' / 'soft tampons' before in American films, but I had never really thought about using them. I get sent the product, and then a lot of questions arise? How do I get it up, because it seems a little big to me? How do I get it out? Both questions that I was sure I should probably be able to find the answer to. The essential questions then were whether it would hold? And would he discover it? They're a little tricky to get up the first few times, but you find out quickly. They are also super easy to get out. They keep 100% of the menstrual cycle and he has not discovered them yet. So now I have used them several times and I can only say that it is simply too late in my life that I have discovered 'soft tampons'! They are ingenious to say the least. How they may have existed for so many years, without it becoming a regular part of Danish women's range, is really a mystery to me.
Works but impossible to get out
Anonymous - 5. aug. 2022
First attempt at sex with beppy went pretty well, no leakage, lots of sex! When it came out, it was HARD, but I finally got it out! Then tried again, when it had to come out I couldn't feel it at all Completely gone! Ended up at the emergency room Just tried again, same result, the emergency room throws out the rest :-( tissue
Machine translated from sinful.dk

Beppy Soft + Comfort Tampons Dry 8 pcs

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