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Black Cotton Rope 10 m var 1


With this black cotton rope, you have all the opportunities to experiment with fixation and bondage play.

Use the 10 meter rope to bound, for eg. the hands or feet of your partner, to each other or to anything else you can find.

The rope is durable and can bound tightly without leaving marks on the skin.

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Soft... and yet...
Anonymous - 6. dec. 2013
The rope is soft and easy to work with. It seems durable and the "victim" can easily struggle against the rope without it giving way with the right knots. However, it should be noted that the rope is only for "fun" tying. And not real bindings, as the load capacity of the rope is not stated by the manufacturer. When using the rope, I have also experienced that the "victim" says that the rope cuts slightly, which is also visible when it is loosened. But a reasonable rope for "ordinary" bondage games, and for the money :)
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Anonymous - 8. sep. 2018
Excellent "beginner" rope to experiment with, soft and easy :-)
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Effective and erotic
Anonymous - 7. dec. 2018
This rope is an excellent rope to start out with when introducing yourself and a partner to more erotic games such as bondage. Despite being a little thicker than what many might find easy to work with, this rope is easy to work with as the length is great for simpler positions and the rope is comfortable and soft against the skin. It holds up well and looks great on your partner. All in all, a sensible purchase that has already brought joy to the bedroom for me and my partner and will no doubt do the same for other couples.
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Anonymous - 7. sep. 2019
For the price, I had a higher expectation. It's soft and looks fine, but after three uses it's frayed and ugly.
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Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
The rope felt really comfortable around the wrists. Very soft. 10m was also a sufficient length, at least for my own needs.
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Anonymous - 12. may. 2018
Excellent starter rope to experiment with, soft and easy to use :-)
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Black Cotton Rope 10 m

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