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Bound Leather Wrist Cuffs var 1


Enjoy fixation and bondage play with these stylish Bound wrist cuffs in genuine nubuck leather.

Designed with an internal lining of padding to ensure comfort, even during long sessions of play. The design is without compromise on durability and the very important sense of fixation. 

The size is adjustable with help from the strong buckles, which can easily be adjusted to fit both him and her.   

Attach the chain to the D-rings to transform the wrist cuffs into handcuffs. You can also tie your partner to the bed, spreading bar, sex swings or other favourite gear, so that you have full control. 

It is a must-have for you who likes to experiment with sensual play, bondage, domination and S/M. In a quality that satisfies the most discerning leather enthusiast.

Product Weight (g)245
Full Length (in)5.12
Width (in)2.36
Circumference (in)6.18 | 12.36
Stretchable CircumferenceYes
Primary materialNubuck Leather
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Customer reviews (0)
Fantastic quality, beautiful and incredibly naughty
The new couple - 10. mar. 2020
Again, the wife thinks it should be nice, even though she is always blindfolded and they hang nicely on the wall, seems like really good quality, nice with the possibility of placing a lock on the buckle
Good material
Johny Cash - 26. apr. 2021
Very good material, and very comfortable against the skin. Wish there were a few more holes to attach the lock in, possibly a little shorter space between them. Was difficult to use on my girlfriend who has small wrists (without her being able to easily pull out). Luckily have hole machine so we fixed it ourselves. Otherwise very happy!
Solid and good cuffs - not very good options for adjustments
Per - 4. jan. 2021
Great cuffs. But due to this there are too few holes (due to the ability to fasten the buckle) and slightly big leaps in size. This makes it difficult to get them to fit perfectly.
So pretty
By the sea - 24. jan. 2021
Attractive, comfortable shackles that fit well, even on me with small wrists and which have a strong leather smell. Just this feeling of really strong shackles weighing down your wrists turns me on. Highly recommend.
Nice, decent price but not without "problems".
Stefan - 21. oct. 2020
If we start with the positive, the shackles are nice (certainly a matter of taste) - but the combination of brass and brown leather is very nice. They are also comfortable, easy to use and are reasonably priced. On the whole, they are of good quality, as the seams are symmetrical, the riveting is good. But ... the leather really stinks. It smells more of treatment chemicals for leather than it actually smells of leather, which is a pity as leather generally smells very pleasant, but instead I’ve had to leave them to air for a really long time, which is a shame. Something that lowers the rating quite a lot actually. The D-ring (i.e the one in which the chain is attached) quickly fades in colour, which is worrying, but you won’t notice unless you look for these details. Then I had to fix the locking mechanism, the one for the padlocks, as it had not been sufficiently attached before it was riveted, not very difficult - but disappointing that it has to be done at all.
Super quality and attention to detail
Anonymous - 11. dec. 2018
Genuine leather in really good quality. They're nice, comfortable and have a really good finish. The chain is durable and easy to work with.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Anonymous - 1. jun. 2020
Unbelievable value for money!
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Good quality!
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Nice leather, well finished and nice that you can put a lock on it so you really can't get loose.
Machine translated from sinful.nl
Relatively cheap and great quality
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Bought a pair this summer to surprise my girlfriend. After a romantic evening meal with wine, I pulled them out from under the sofa. They feel sturdy and look great. I have personally experienced being captivated with these so I can also vouch for the comfort.
Machine translated from sinful.se
Genuine quality
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Right out of the package I was struck by the smell of leather and the product breathes quality, the brass against the leather looks just as luxurious and robust as the picture suggests. Everything is symmetrical and the details are fine. The internal padding and leather make them comfortable to wear for long periods of time, no nylon, edges or anything else that causes friction. For the same reason, they can also be attached really tightly to the playful or disobedient as leather can flex slightly and with the soft interior and width of the cuffs provides a firm but comfortable grip. The buckles also have holes for the attachment of padlocks should you wish to attach them. It has now been more than six months of regular use and they have held together surprisingly well, no broken seams or tears, on the contrary, they fit if possible better as a pair of broken-in boots. Maintenance is easy with a damp cloth and I have treated them with regular shoe wax once in a while. Worth mentioning is also that they fit both me and my partner who have normal-sized wrists for our respective genders. Highly recommended!
Machine translated from sinful.se

Bound Leather Wrist Cuffs

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