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CB-6000S Chastity Device 2.5 inches var 1


Many people consider the high-quality CB-6000S and other chastity devices from the same series to be the best on the market. With its 2.5 inches, the CB-6000S is somewhat smaller than the original CB-6000, which you can also find here at Sinful.co.uk.

The CB-6000S is made from polycarbonate (hard plastic), which makes it light and extremely durable. It comes with rings, spacers and lock pins of different sizes, which makes it possible to adjust the device so that it fits you perfectly. 

The chastity device has a length of 2.5 inches and an internal diameter of 1.5 inch. If you want a chastity device in a larger version, check out the CB-3000 (3 inches), CB-6000 (3.2 inches) or The Curve Chastity Device (3.7 inches).

How to use the CB-6000S Chastity Device: - Put the desired ring over your penis and testicles. - Put the top ring piece on the ring with the lock pins. - Put the spacer on the lock pin. Then insert your penis in the cage and lock it with the padlock (alternatively you can use the plastic locks). - Tip! Rub some lube on your penis to make insertion more comfortable.

Content: Penis cage, 5 rings of different sizes (+ 1 top ring), 4 spacers and lock pins of different sizes, metal padlock with key, 5 plastic locks with individual numbers, storage pouch.

The CB-6000S won the "Best Niche Product" XBIZ Award in 2013.

Product Weight (g)120
IncludedPenis cage, Rings, Ring, Spacers , Lock pins, Padlock with Keys, Padlocks, Lubricant Sample, Storage Bag
Full Length (in)2.5
Inner Depth (in)2.36
Diameter (in)1.5
Inner Diameter (in)1.38
Stretchable Inner DiameterNo
Primary materialPC (Polycarbonate)
Recommended LubeWater based
LanguageSpanish, French, English, German
0 customers
Customer reviews (0)
Great Kit
Mur348 - 10. oct. 2021
This was not the first of the cb range that I bought. The materials are sturdy and the cage is a good fit. Easy to keep clean and will last well.
Great Cage at a Great Price
pleasantlyfrustrated - 18. jun. 2021
My first chastity cage! Came in 4 days, so not bad. Discretely packed. New style boxing confused me for a moment but, exactly the right product. I'm an average guy in the penis department - exactly 6", but with big bollocks. Tempted to start with the smallest base ring (4 to choose from) and spacer (also 4), sanity prevailed, and I used the biggest of each first. Thank God I did.. the fit was almost perfect, restrictive all over but not too tight. I used the 'stocking method' to put it on and experienced a erection during fitting. By the time I had my tackle in place, I was rock hard and completely filled the tube section with my glans rammed against the top of the tube - blissfully frustrating! Can't wait to use it with the wife to see what sort of tease she has in mind.
Good product
AnonSissy - 4. mar. 2021
The CB-6000s is a great product with plenty of options to adjust it exactly to your size with the exception of the penis tube itself. Unfortunately for me the inner diameter of the penis tube itself is a bit too narrow and I have not been able to find a plastic product that has an inner diameter that fits my penis so if yours is a bit thick in it I would recommend a steel cage or a custom 3d printed plastic cage.
5 stars for a reason
Johnny - 21. oct. 2020
I have tried several different penis cages, and have found that I am a grower, not a shower. A cage like this was therefore perfect for more, I found out almost immediately! With a relatively short length, several rings and adjustable pins, I could find a combination that suited me well! The best penis cage I have had! 5/5
Good Product and some tips
Marie - 20. jun. 2021
Married to an older man who has a lot of time compared to me who works in healthcare. His looks and interest in women of the same age or younger to me were curbed with a cage the slightly larger. Now we have this smaller cage which is fantastic, smoother and more discreet. Can we even have on the beach, bathhouses yes everywhere and always. A little tip, we explore his hole because the other pleasure is "locked in". We reach beautiful and erotic heights. Choose anal dildos rather than plugs because then we can both control and test with our hands for the best stimulus and pleasure. Buy a way with three different sizes of anal dildos so you can try it out and can try bigger and bigger. These two toys keep him in check and give him pleasure. Marie
Fantastic product
Dorte C - 14. nov. 2020
We have supplemented his regular, slightly larger CB6000, with this one slightly smaller and it turned out great. A tip is to wear the larger one and just quickly wash him and change to the smaller cage and then only change the outer sleeve (without removing everything else). Because it is a little shorter and if he has had the medium one on, the snout has adjusted a bit already. His thing is a swollen body so it will be easier to get on the smaller one and then he and he get used to it. Then there is also the old ice cube trick to temporarily make it smaller. Also experiences that this minor does not need to be cleaned as often. Good luck and enjoy everyone!
Better late than never
Christina - 4. oct. 2020
Unknown to me until I heard about chastity cages from a friend and my interest awoke. Took courage to me and chose this one without my husband's knowledge. One quiet Saturday night after food and wine, I took the opportunity to present my purchase to my husband. I felt a certain anxiety when I put it on the coffee table in front of him as a surprise. Silence turned into curiosity and soon it was on with a promise of a maximum of 24 hours the first time. We had to test ourselves with the different rings but sat after it perfectly. Today I have total decision-making power about how long it should sit on and have now been on for two weeks with short hygiene breaks. Has said that if he questions it, it is only extended time that counts. My goal that he is unaware of is right now two more weeks before I release him on a Friday night (or even a whole weekend) but then again, for such a passionate and humble man is such a positive effect of the cage and it wants I just can not be without; )
Now we're succeeding
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Yes, I finally managed to find a chastity belt that is both comfortable to wear for a long period of time and one that fits my size. I have previously bought two chastity belts in steel/iron, which were not comfortable to wear after a few days, but this "toy" I bought from Sinful.dk is both comfortable, delicious and tantalising to have locked on my member for several days in a row, where I was then allowed to enjoy the pleasure I had received for the nine days - thank you for that. I can only recommend others seeking chastity to buy this product.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Super hot chastity cage! Comes in many different size options, so once you've played around with it a bit and found the perfect combination, it's super comfortable to wear. Wish it was a little less visible when worn in public though ;)
Machine translated from sinful.dk
awesome :)
Anonymous - 10. jul. 2015
Cb 6000s is super affordable and wearable compared to bon4 fully lives up to what I expected :) nice with different ring size simple and assembly requires patience to put it on down there as it is easiest when it is slack PS. remember to take good care of the key out there :)
Machine translated from sinful.dk

CB-6000S Chastity Device 2.5 inches

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