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CB-6000S Chastity Device Pink 2.5 inches var 1


Try the popular, bestselling CB-6000S chastity device in wicked pink.

The CB-6000S is made of polycarbonate (hard plastic), which makes it lightweight and extremely durable. The CB-6000S comes with rings, spacers and locking pins in different sizes, so you can adjust the chastity device to fit you perfectly.

The CB-6000S has a length of 2.5 inches and an inner diameter of 1.4 inch. 

How to use the CB-6000S Chastity Device: - Choose one of the five rings and pull it over your penis and balls. - Attach the top ring piece to the ring using the locking pins. - Insert a spacer on the locking pin. Then insert your penis into the cage and lock the cage using the padlock (alternatively, you can use the plastic locks). - Tip! Apply some lube to your penis before inserting it into the CB-6000S to increase comfort.

The CB-6000S in pink contains: Penis cage, five base rings in different sizes (+ one top ring), four spacers and locking pins in different sizes, metal lock with key, five plastic locks with individual numbers, storage case.

Product Weight (g)120
IncludedPenis cage, Rings, Ring, Spacers , Lock pins, Padlock with Keys, Padlocks, Lubricant Sample, Storage Bag
Full Length (in)2.5
Inner Depth (in)2.36
Diameter (in)2 | 1.9 | 1.8 | 1.6 | 1.5
Inner Diameter (in)1.38
Stretchable Inner DiameterNo
Primary materialPC (Polycarbonate)
Recommended LubeWater based
LanguageFrench, Spanish, English, German
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Customer reviews (0)
Kinky product of fantastic quality for couple's play.
Open minded - 30. jan. 2020
My partner asked if I wanted to try this type of play (chastity belt), and oh wow, we have both got completely hooked, or should I say locked (badum tss) on the idea. After we talked about it, I decided to order a cage as I was completely open to the idea. We started with mancage and ordered the smallest version, as I am something of a grower. (quick note: We are both student,s so it was still a bit expensive) We loved the idea much more than we had expected. My partner, who is definitely not a dominatrix, and who even enjoys when I assert ‘authority', has found it very fun to have control over my orgasms. I also think it's really kinky and think of her 24/7 with the cage on (which I'm sure she's aware of). Oh well, after no more than 3 days with mancage it could clearly be felt on my part that mancage was too big. So I did some research on the best quality product of this type and found cb-6000s. Even though I had almost just bought the other cage, I just knew that if it lived up to the quality that the users praised it for, then it was a must have. And I'm pleasantly surprised (like walking around with a pink cloud, all things considered). Even though it’s more expensive, do not save the extra money. As a man, you think: Is it discreet enough? What if someone finds out? Well, the latter helps to give you a rush if you sit at work with one on. I am relatively new to the game and have both trained with it on in the gym and have been to a colleague party! (and no one has discovered anything!) I can only highly recommend trying it! Among other things, my partner, who was in possession of the the key, had the following comments just the last 2 weeks. ‘it's probably the sex toy we've been using the most' 'I must be careful not to get too used to this' (when making an extra effort in the hopes of being unlocked) 'I can't remember the last time we had a period where I had so many orgasms' (where you yourself did not have one during that period) So all in all, I’ll give it these grades Because the partner likes it: 5/5 Discreet: 4.5 (however, is more visible with workout clothes) Comfortable to wear: 5/5 The price: 5/5 clearly worth the money. Kinkiness: 10/5 (definitely the most kinky we've ever done; I'm still mind-blown over how kinky I think the play is, and the colour I gives it just that extra kinkiness)
Simply perfect
Anonymous - 3. apr. 2023
We started with the 8 cm version and are now switching to the smaller version. I'm always locked up, but my partner still has more orgasms through oral sex than before. The cage makes me calmer, more balanced and, of course, extremely horny on some days. As I said, absolutely suitable for long days.
Machine translated from sinful.at
Brilliant product
Anonymous - 12. apr. 2021
With the many parts included, it's easy to find a configuration that suits you perfectly. I have been able to wear it for several days without any discomfort. Highly recommended
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Service top 10
Anonymous - 2. jan. 2022
Always great to do business with you and if you are you can always call the friendly staff
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Super Chasity cage
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
This is a great product that is easy to use and easy to clean! It is super comfortable to wear, even for longer periods of time. The only downside is that if you want to wear it in public, you need to remember to wear loose trousers otherwise it is a bit visible. I have tried several different ones, but this one is a clear favourite!
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Another one just like it. Comfortable on and easy to wear. The last one lasted 5 years until it split in two, hopefully this one will last as long. Cute pink colour.
Machine translated from sinful.fi
Good and worth the price
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
A few months in use now and it is a very durable and high quality product. All the cheap Chinese models have broken down in use quite quickly, and when one breaks down in use, it can hurt and hurt badly, I recommend it!
Machine translated from sinful.fi

CB-6000S Chastity Device Pink 2.5 inches

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