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CELLMATE App-Controlled Chastity Device Regular var 1


Enjoy a world first upgrade to chastity adventures with the CELLMATE App-Controlled Chastity Device Regular.

The chastity device has an ergonomic design for prolonged use, giving your partner full control over your manhood.

The only way to open the chastity device is via a free app that you download to your smartphone. You and your partner use the app to decide who is authorised to do what, and to set the locking mechanism for minutes, hours, days and months.

The regular model has a length of 3.5 inches and an inner diameter of 1.5 inch. There is a hole at the front for urine. You can also easily wear the chastity device in the bath, but it should not be immersed in water.

The CELLMATE Regular is made of high-quality polycarbonate. It comes with two interchangeable base rings with a diameter of 2 inches and 2 inches.

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Good product
Mister - 19. aug. 2020
Good product. Have now been locked up for 2 weeks and it works fine. However, it is possible to get it off backwards for cleaning, which I make use of every morning in the shower. Otherwise it is impossible to get off with even the slightest erection ... I sleep well with it at night; but you have to keep in mind that it presses on the bladder, so if you haven’t peed thoroughly ... well, then you’ll get up at night :( Unfortunately, the first one broke—it could not lock, and the second one also broke—could not unlock. The third one I have now works fine. It is virtually impossible to get an erection without the ring pulling on the scrotum, and it hurts like crazy—so you have to think of something else when the lady is lying next to you without clothes on and teases you.
Good fit
LockedByR - 12. may. 2020
The material and robustness are top notch. Really good quality. The app is Chinese and not entirely intuitive to set up. But it works though. You just have to get acquainted with the roles and the different types of users that exist. There is a good fit and it is suitable for long-term locking. I could sleep with it from day one, and after a week I was locked for 24 hours for the first time by my key holder. It’s a little uncomfortable that there is no panic solution. But conversely, locked also means locked, and it apparently does not fail. Unlike other types of chastity things for men, it is quite difficult if not impossible to get out of this ‘backwards’. With just a slight erection, you will NOT escape. It is hard on the testicles to get an erection, as the ring at the back pulls downwards due to the angle of the cage ... but then you just have to concentrate. All in all, a super product.
Here you can be locked in and controlled wherever you are in the world
Locked - 24. may. 2020
A product that is safe and well made The ring gnaws under the testicles as it is very tight and no possibility of escaping. Can be fixed by bending the ring a little and using Vaseline in the beginning (lots of Vaseline) A lot of people have had issues with this as you can see if you visit the app and read the reviews. But I do recommend the product
Rasmus Ljungberg - 2. feb. 2021
This penis cage is probably the coolest I've ever come across! Small and flexible, discreet and comfortable. No hassle with keys that can go missing either! I would like recommend this “cage” to anyone. The only thing I think would be negative is the APP for this penis cage. It's a little complicated and a little difficult. But you have to give it a while and you will get the gist of it. And yes, the APP is needed as this requires a Bluetooth connection to be able to unlock the cage and there is a lot more fun then in the APP when you’ve learned to use it.
Interesting product, but ...
Casper - 30. apr. 2020
I’ll start by saying that it is nicely packaged, and well designed. But the app is the big problem. In terms of size, it works well for a normal Swedish penis, with the large ring. The little one gets too tight. A slightly larger ring would have been better. Then the software, it is Chinese and beta. I’m writing at the end of April 2020. The Chinese require to review everything, so the community part takes about an hour before it has finished update. Server problems also mean that you can not unlock the cage when there is a lot of traffic. This means you’re stuck for several extra hours, which can be a problem if you try the small ring, for example. The problems are known, and they say that they are working on hiring more staff and solving the problems. Then there are some risks that are big right now with lending the “owner” via the app. It may exceed certain set rights, so great care must be taken. There are examples almost daily of key owners disappearing, or of unreasonable time limits being set, e.g. 150 days, etc. Be careful! Otherwise it is a nice product, a little bulky maybe, there are smaller cages. Many people I chatted with think the cage is nice, but I myself get too excited to enjoy, it becomes more of long-lasting CBT for me. The app is sometimes downloaded from Google Play, but familiarize yourself with it before you buy is my advice. It is not fully translated, and sometimes some parts are flooded with Chinese users. Then it is not so discreet as others can see where you are approximately. You can find, for example, other Swedish users if they have chosen to share that info. Is it possible to escape, you ask? Yes and no. It is possible to slip the penis backwards, so it is possible to cheat, but the balls are stuck. Two pins on the ring hold the cage in the right direction, but according to some with faulty devices, they could pry the cage open. Good concept, but with flaws. Mostly connected to the app. However, the company is interesting and they are developing new BDSM toys that have not yet reached the market, with innovative thinking that is also based on remote control. My advice is to wait and monitor the app development. It's fun to be stuck, but not when it's due to server problems.
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
by moving the ring sideways for a few seconds, the locking cylinder comes out! You're free to go! Lame! Otherwise it would be very good, the software is not bad and the feeling of electronic imprisonment is very pleasant.
Machine translated from sinful.fr
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
This product takes the dominance between the keyholder and the wearer to a whole new level. Have tried other variants but this one is outstanding. Is no problem to wear it for longer periods, you do not notice that it sits there after a while except on certain occasions ...
Machine translated from sinful.se
Incredibly beautiful but not for everyone
Anonymous - 1. apr. 2022
Firstly, the positives. The digital locking function and the ability to be controlled over distance is incredibly hot and it is probably the most comfortable cage I have used. Disadvantages that I discovered with it are that it was very uncomfortable for my testicles as they are relatively large and were squeezed by the definite inclination / connection between the ring and the cage. the app did not feel super safe and user-friendly as mine could often switch to Mandarin without warning and the locking mechanism on my cage broke after maybe 3-4 months. This may have been user error though which is why I still give 3 stars as apart from the squeezing a bit it was so comfortable.
Machine translated from sinful.se

CELLMATE App-Controlled Chastity Device Regular

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