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Clean Stream Double Bulb Anal Douche var 1


Now you can get even more out of your anal experimenting with the CleanStream Double Bulb Anal Douche.

Via the central hose, you can add different titillating liquids to your play, for cleaning or as an arousing pressure sensation.

Insert the first ball and leave the smaller one outside. The inflatable balls ensure that the liquid stays where it should for the duration of your play session.

The large ball can hold up to 295.3 inches3 air, while the small ball can hold up to 98.4 inches3.

BrandClean Stream
Product Weight (g)168
Full Length (in)20.87
Insertable Length (in)5.91
Diameter (in)2.95
Primary materialSilicone
Recommended LubeWater based
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Customer reviews (0)
Nice product, but with a few problems
A - 3. jul. 2018
The product works. I have read many reviews of this particular product on Amazon, among others, and many have said that they have experienced that the "balloons" are leaking or break quickly. I have not experienced it yet. I have also read that the pumps are of poor quality and are difficult to use. I think otherwise they work just fine and very intuitive, and they can be easily replaced if you still want it. Overall, the product is good. The hose between the two balloons is reinforced so that you can not close the flow by squeezing together with the sphincter. A "connector" is not included, but it was not necessary for me either. The hose is so wide that a standard enema hose fit right into it without any problems. The pumps have two settings: "Closed" where air can enter the balloons by pressing the pump and where air cannot come out again. And "open" where the air farts out of the balloons, which therefore can not be inflated either. If the balloons cannot be inflated, turn the metal knob on the pump as you are probably in the "wrong setting". The great thing about this product is that you can relax more during an enema. You do not have to constantly squeeze to keep the water inside. And if you are a little naughty, then you can give the control to someone else, who decides when you are allowed to shut off the water. As long as the balloon is inflated, water can not really come out again. Be careful though: If you really try to push the balloon out while it is inflated, then you can probably do it, or maybe even blow it up. The product does not have any bad odour, sharp edges or other unpleasant things. Problems: 1: The quality of the product is not quite top notch. There were very small brown discolorations in some places "out of the box", and right up at the end where the water comes out, the cut was not made quite properly. There were no sharp edges, but inside the hose there was some excess silicone which had not been completely removed. 2: The product is reasonably large. I can only just insert the top balloon and then the product can actually not get any further. In addition, the two balloons are a bit too far apart I think, and these two problems combined mean that the balloons do not end quite close much of the time. Almost all the work is done by the inner balloon, whereas the outer balloon hangs a whole centimetre from the anus and does absolutely nothing. However, some positions help on this, e.g., on the knees with the head down. 3: Due to the fact that the product is reasonably large, I have to use lube to be able to apply it gently. I can easily do it without lube, but then I'm afraid of damaging the balloons.

Clean Stream Double Bulb Anal Douche

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