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Clone-A-Willy DIY Homemade Dildo Clone Kit Glow In The Dark Pink var 1

Clone-A-Willy DIY Homemade Dildo Clone Kit Glow In The Dark Pink

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With the Clone-A-Willy Clone Your Penis Glow in the Dark Pink, you can make the perfect gift for your girlfriend or lover. 

The realistic mould of your penis is absolutely ingenious if, for example, you have to be away from home for a long time and will be sorely missed.

With this set, you can create a vibrating and glow-in-the-dark true copy of your penis in a fresh and eye-catching pink colour that glows when darkness falls.

The set includes a detailed user guide in English along with moulding powder, silicone material, Glow in the Dark powder, moulding tube, stirrer, thermometer and a vibrator. 

Clone Your Willy is a quality product free of phthalates, latex and hypoallergenic, so is therefore 100% safe to use.

Note! Always remember to carefully follow the instructions in the manual with regard to time, temperature, etc., so that you get the best result. We have prepared a detailed user guide to help you create your clone. Click here for the .

IncludedMolding tube, Molding powder, Glow in the dark powder, Silicone base, Thermometer, Stirring stick, Vibrator
Full Length (in)11.02
Diameter (in)2.56
Stretchable Inner DiameterNo
Power Source1 x AA (Not included)
Vibration Speed(s)1
Primary materialSilicone
Recommended LubeWater based
LanguageFrench, English, Spanish, German
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Customer reviews (0)
Good quality but wrong time for mold
Malle - 25. may. 2024
The product is good quality but the mix doesn't seem to have been tested proper as it was unable to be used. The time specified is too long and the mold was too hard to be used. Thankfully we are able to get just the mix online.
Not intended for those who are curvy
TLC - 1. jul. 2021
Had to cut and tape the plastic container so that it would not get into the walls. Suddenly became very complicated and required a couple of tries and extra casting powder. There was also not enough silicone to fill up the whole figure which was disappointing. But it works. Think it works better on those who are completely erect.
Difficult on the first try
Jonatan - 7. jul. 2021
Trying to get an erection while it’s a bit stressful with the mix makes it difficult to maintain the erection ...
And the girls like it (s)
TS alias Tasty - 10. dec. 2020
You really have to have a girl or two with this because it would be quite a hassle on your own. The mold material in the cloning set was good enough for a 23cm mold, but you should buy an extra bag of silicone to make a clone of this size. The glow in the dark feature will not work unless you hold it under the lamp long enough. But I recommend it to others, not as difficult as it seems.
Truly miserable
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I have tried the product twice. Both times everything has gone completely wrong. It flows all over the place when you insert the penis into the moulding mix, no matter how fast you do it. This results in air bubbles that completely ruin the mould itself. It's also really hard to clean the floor afterwards, and hard to stay hard when you're in such a time-pressured situation with a cold plastic cylinder on your willy. 0/10
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Fun but difficult
Anonymous - 4. oct. 2023
Mega difficult to make, especially if you're one... Your partner must be ready to help and keep the steam up on the thing. It's messy, so do it in the bathroom, the moulding compound itself hardens faster than you can get it up... So you have to get it going and keep it going throughout the process... Difficult to get it nice and place the vibrator correctly... We bought a subsequent kit and extra moulding compound because it's simply difficult to keep the thing spiky while fiddling with various silicones, water, etc. But the entertainment value far exceeds the effort
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Poor instructions
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Doing it by the book is not a recipe for success. The mold mixture begins to harden immediately.
Machine translated from sinful.fi
Very satisfied
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
We read the instructions carefully and with my partner we managed to make this the first time. It was a fun process and this is definitely my new favourite toy. xp
Machine translated from sinful.fi
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