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Marc Dorcel Deep Vibe Vibrating Penis Sleeve var 1

Marc Dorcel Deep Vibe Vibrating Penis Sleeve

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The Marc Dorcel Deep Vibe is a vibrating penis sleeve that can be used during both masturbation and intercourse. Gently lead the 2.8 inch long and 1 mm thick Deep Vibe sleeve over the penis and place at the base of the penis, for a firmer and fuller erection. We recommend you apply a water-based lube before use, as this will make the application easier.

Once the sleeve is in place, turn on the vibrator by switching the power button to the side for even greater pleasure for you and your partner. 

The Penis Sleeve has a diameter of approx. 1.4 - 2.7 inches.

Note! The DeepVibe vibrator uses 1x CR2016 battery, included in the pack. 

Full Length (in)2.76
Inner Depth (in)2.76
Diameter (in)2.36
Inner Diameter (in)2.24
Stretchable Inner DiameterNo
Power Source1 x CR2016 (Included)
Vibration Speed(s)1
Recommended LubeWater based
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Customer reviews (0)
Lars-Gunnar - 29. jun. 2021
Unfortunately not for me, I would need better and stronger vibrations and softer materials, felt a little too plasticky.
Not without flaws
Joel - 8. dec. 2020
The toy is very fun to use. Unfortunately, it broke after only a couple of times when the material finally cracked and the crack opened up completely, making it unusable. The vibrator is too loud for you to be able to use it discreetly in public environments. Simply put, you can hear it through the pants. However, it works really well in private or with a partner. Slightly difficult to put on, which contributes to it breaking faster as you have to stretch the material quite a lot. Cheap toy that is good for people new to the world of sex toys. Would have been nice if it included a repair kit to counteract cracks and extend the life of the toy.
Not very good
Dissatisfied - 17. dec. 2020
Hard to turn on and gives virtually no enjoyment. Spend the money on something else .. Can't quite understand that this was supposed to be a test winner
Hot sex, an experience you will hardly forget.
Sofie - 8. oct. 2020
The product you must own if you want your husband to come a lot. This product is amazing in several areas. I share my experiences because I hope others take the same vibrating and tantalizing ride that we did. First, the product is relatively easy to start up. If you gently push the rubber part that is above the on / off switch to the side, you can turn on an experience that sends you to the sky for the next many minutes. The product vibrates at a nice pace, suitable hardness and without much noise. It is easily moves down over the penis, we applied Sinful’s lube and hallelujah it was in place. It tightens like a penis ring, which made the penis extra hard. A good tip: turn the vibrator part down. We started having sex, I was lying in bed on all fours while my boyfriend was standing behind me. It gave him a clear view to see how I was filled out a whole lot more. He was also huge. The tip I gave before pays off in such a position. The vibrator part hits the clitoris. This means that we both enjoy it, while keeping him extra hard and having a clear view. After a few minutes, it all became too naughty and it ended in an orgasm for both parties. I have not experienced coming so much before, whether it was the whole set-up, having toys with which both parties enjoy while having intercourse or just the vibrating effect, is difficult to assess. All in all, it was a great addition to the sex life, especially because it is a toy both enjoy and which is not replaced by intercourse or individual play. I can definitely recommend it. The price is fair and the product is easy to clean. If you want to spice things up a bit, this is the perfect product. Both as a beginner and experienced user of sex toys.
Not so good
Hill - 4. sep. 2020
Not so good
The worst money can buy
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I got this gadget home just to get a little "spice" and we got it, in the form of a good laugh! The thing is virtually impossible to switch on, and then the vibration doesn't work, only when you take the motor out and squeeze it between two fingers (what good does that do?) when I got it to almost work, none of us felt anything.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
It works (even for someone with chronic illness)
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
After initial exercises and how to switch it on, we were both very impressed with what we got out of this product. Due to my morbeus becht. with more (arthritis) I have several problems and unfortunately this is also felt in the bedroom, but this sleeve makes me bigger, keeps me on the right track and thus I can focus on not finishing too quickly. At the same time, the vibrations make her feel me better and I have been trying to find a solution to this for a long time as I am naturally below average in terms of size. Top marks from here :-)
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Anonymous - 11. mar. 2015
After we received the parcel, we were very excited and got started straight away after reading the manual and everything. It worked fine at first, but the vibrations work best if the man doesn't thrust too much. The pleasure for him was good, especially towards the end, but it was a bit of an anticlimax to realise it had slipped off! It wasn't particularly pleasant to have to dig it out again... So all in all, good enough, but not worth the effort.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Great for both pleasure and a good laugh
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
When we got this vibrator thingy home, we had to try it out. It took a while to figure out how to switch it on and off. First we tried it on my husband as a masturbation product, which was fine, but not something he was particularly excited about. We then tried it on him during intercourse, it was a completely new experience and really good for both of us, but when we were done it switched itself off and I gave a little gentle cough and it started vibrating again, we were laughing because every time we just stayed still and lay frozen it didn't vibrate, but as soon as we moved or moved in any way it started vibrating. From here it has my recommendation for both pleasure and fun in the bedroom.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Really nice
Anonymous - 1. sep. 2018
What I particularly like about this product is that it goes around the penis for a longer distance. There seem to be quite a few penis vibrators that aren't just rings to put on the root, or don't have silicone barbs around them that resemble hedgehogs. The Deepvibe is good and really pleasant because it vibrates a large part of the penis and it creates a really nice and arousing squeeze on the penis. Deepvibe is also very suitable for normal sex, because the vibe is small in thickness. Deepvibe is also really good for your own sex with yourself, especially when you put some water-based lubricant on it and the result is a nice sliding, vibrating and squeezing tunnel! Washing is easy as the device is not very big. The detachable vibrating ball is a bit tricky to take out and put back in, though, as the elastomer material is very soft and frictionless. Fortunately, however, the elastomer is very elastic, so you have to stretch it a bit to get the dildo out. I recommend it for a wide range of uses!
Machine translated from sinful.fi

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