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Master Series Chastity Device with Spikes var 1

Master Series Chastity Device with Spikes

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Does your disobedient slave need reminded of his place in the hierarchy? With the Master Series Chastity Device with Spikes there will be no doubt who rules the roost.

This ultra kinky chastity device is adorned with nuts and bolts with pointed tips. Adjust the bolts however you like all depending on just how tight and painful an experience you are after.

The compact cage permits no excitement whatsoever and even the faintest hint of an erection will be punished. The pointed spikes can be positioned around different parts of the cage for a tailor-made experience.

Includes two replaceable rings with an inner diameter of 1.5 inch and 2 inches. The cage itself has an inner diameter of 1.5 inch and a depth of 1.5 inch.

Product is made of stainless steel and comes with a padlock and two keys plus an Allen key.

BrandMaster Series
IncludedPadlock with Keys, Hex key
Full Length (in)1.77
Inner Depth (in)1.38
Diameter (in)1.97
Inner Diameter (in)1.93
Stretchable Inner DiameterNo
Primary materialStainless Steel
Recommended LubeAll types
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Customer reviews (0)
genial tease
flymo - 17. jul. 2021
Ingeniously found on. Nice to wear and play with. However, you could have given all the holes with screws. Have actually tried without success to track "them".
Cleanliness is half the food
BoundDomino - 14. sep. 2020
I love to torture my own little penis and I have often admired this idea of a torturous chastity belt but here is the worst problem with sex toys, which is why I avoid this toy with an otherwise very good idea. While excruciating and in the meantime long-lasting pain can be a pleasure, it is still not worth risking too much at the expense of impurities in the form of various inflammations and diseases. Here, too, I speak with experience and yet I am very careful and precise in my fun and fortunately there have been only a few of these experiences. I can see from my experience that this chastity belt is very difficult to clean and that is why I recommend you to think really carefully about what kind of problems you could face with this toy. The threads of the nut collect dirt really easily because they are very difficult to clean and human secretions as well as any lubricants are such a combination over time that this toy is a paradise of impurities after a few uses. This is really something to consider before you put this on your penis after a few uses of it and start screwing the bolts into torment as they carry the threads’ paradise residents with them towards the victim. Unless this toy is boiled before use, which I also don’t think will last in the long run, I recommend this belt only to people who are very, very careful and like to do a thorough cleaning. In other words, kinky but very impractical. I wish there were smooth metal pins or spikes in place of the bolts and nuts. Congratulations to Sinful, however, for trying to find torturous toys for those who like male pain. Other operators in our kingdom have already given up, relying only on very common and traditional solutions. However, there are some of us Beta men who sometimes enjoy violent games as well. If only there were enough Dominos ...
Super - super kinky
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
It's a great cage, the best we have. The cage is approximately 3 centimetres deep and has 26 threaded nuts. Nine screws are included. Once these are screwed in, there is no chance of anything happening. It's easy to get additional grub screws for it, the thread is M6. You can also use the cage without the rear ring, it is completely fixed by the screws. It's great for long-term use. The cage doesn't have the usual clamping problem when mounting, as it's just a ring that sits at the back
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Heavy capping
Anonymous - 8. mar. 2022
This penis cage is a very kinky choice for the roughest play and teasing sessions. In a way, the good thing about the chastity belt is its versatility. You can use it without sharp bolts just to limit your erection, and with bolts on your titty you can deliver some heavenly pain as an added spice. So a dominatrix can enjoy the situation by first placing the cage well submissive and then teasing her to get aroused and produce pain relief by slowly tightening the bolts one by one. The material is indeed durable but it is worth screwing a few bolts through each nut at the very beginning because of the slag left on the threads from the manufacturing process. It's also worth a thorough cleaning with a lightly soaped water and a toothbrush, for example. The product was unusually dirty considering it is a sex instrument. You should also be prepared for the fact that this is one of the most difficult instruments to clean, but then again, such instruments are usually only available as custom-made items. With the latter in mind, you should consider whether this particular instrument is suitable for your penis. If men are more likely to measure even when they're resting, it's hard to get a good play toy out of this. Full marks for a good idea but there is still a lot of product development to be done. I would however like to thank Sinfull for making this product available through them. ( My previous review can now be taken off : ) )
Machine translated from sinful.fi
To recommend, very good chastity cage
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Very good product and very good quality! Once installed enjoyment assured
Machine translated from sinful.fr
Just what I expected!
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Having a very small sex, I had been looking for a cage that would suit me for a very long time. This one meets my expectations in this respect, it's scalable with the screws and quite small, which allows the sex to be held in place. I agree with the previous suggestion about the number of screws... it's a shame there aren't more! As far as maintenance is concerned, for those who are not averse to using an allen key, it's quick to carry out the dismantling/cleaning/reassembly operation. The only criticism I could make is that it's a bit 'big', I'd have liked it to be smaller to exert more pressure, and potentially be less visible under the trousers. I wasn't used to having a lump there... and it looks more like a ball than a rod. That said, it's easy to wear on a daily basis, once you've got the hang of slipping the ring on! I'd recommend it with my eyes closed to any mini sex addict looking for a thrill!
Machine translated from sinful.fr

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