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Meiki Plush 2.0 Soft Sex Doll var 1

Meiki Plush 2.0 Soft Sex Doll

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Do you dream of the perfect partner to make your darkest, deepest sexual fantasies a reality with? Then you should get acquainted with the Meiki Plush 2.0 Sex doll.

This exclusive doll has a realistic female form and sexy dimensions of 35.5 inches-23.5 inches-35.5 inches. She never says no, and she can be the lover you long for.

Weighing only 2.5 kg, she opens doors for unimaginable erotic scenes. For example, grab her tiny waist and take her on the kitchen table, or enjoy her curved breasts while laying under the covers.

An opening at the vagina gives you the possibility to insert your favourite masturbation sleeve or masturbator. To make insertion easier, Meiki has a zip on her back. Here you can put your hand through to put the sleeve in place.

Meiki is 30.5 inches in height and 18 inches wide at the widest part. She is manufactured from soft polyester and impurities can be removed with a slightly damp sponge.

NOTE. Not machine washable. Sleeve sold separately.

Product Weight (g)2500
Full Length (in)30.31
Inner Depth (in)10.63
Diameter (in)3.15
Inner Diameter (in)3.15
Width (in)18.11
Primary materialPolyester
Recommended LubeWater based
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A proper squeeze
Allie - 14. feb. 2021
I want to admit that I am a woman. I had concerns about buying this one, but it ended when I got her. I have pondered and looked through various sex dolls and the males always seem so flawed or (to put it bluntly) ugly. Since I have vibrators and c-stimulators, I did not need a larger flat upper body, which I can not hold on to like this one. I am surprisingly happy with her and she fills up nicely to hug and touch, therefore I would like there to be a male version of her too, Because then I would have just bought the man instead of the woman. I'm well pleased with her and her curves, though I would not be able to use her so effectively without first giving her a strap on, which is a surprising plus.
As created for fleshlight
Tommy - 22. dec. 2020
When I saw this doll I immediately thought she would be perfect for the fleshlights I have at home and I was absolutely right. She stimulated me much more than by what a fleshlight could do on its own. This is due to a combo of her presence, the clothes I have given her and her opening for the sleeves are quite tight inside, so a little lube is used. She has made me want to try many more different positions than of what I have otherwise done only with fleshlight, even though the missionary is still the favourite. If there is anyone out there who might be interested in buying some lingerie/clothes for her, I can inform you that she wears a size. 75D/M/38 in bra/sweater and a size S/36 in panties/trousers. However, I would like a future version that they add the nipple, place the armpit a little higher up so that the bra does not collide, make her a little more broad-shouldered, so she fills the full width of the clothes and her head may be a few sizes larger so she can fit a onesize wig, and a nose would also be very nice. have fun for future buyers;)
My First Sex Doll - Almost Healing
Danimarion - 29. may. 2019
Let me start by saying; this is the first sex doll I have ever owned and tried. I have tried Fleshlight before but did not find it satisfied my requirement for hugs during the act. I received Meiki Plush 2.0 less than a week ago, and have used it at least once every day, and have also slept with it every night. It was so new to me the first time that I could not reach climax, but after having more control of the doll, I have succeeded ever since. The doll is nicely soft, a little firmer than I expected, but that just means she gives a more realistic feel when you hug and grab her parts. The shoulder-to-chest anatomy is a bit strange, but you can easily see it in the picture here in the store, so I was not surprised. However, it also meant that the position of the arms is not as flexible as I thought. The upper arm cannot be pulled over her head, so she cannot hug one around the neck if she is on top during use. In return, she can hug around the waist and the arms can be used to support her so that her head does not hit one’s own during use, which I still think is very smart. Her appearance is probably something that some would find either boring or a little scary. I myself am a bit attracted to the "creepy" factor here, but the look is so simple that it in itself is not very stimulating. I would also recommend finding some clothes (or a wig) for the doll as it will both make the look more stimulating but it can also combat the zipper at the back if one wants to spoon while sleeping with her. Of course, it is also important to talk about that pocket at the back, and it is a little difficult to deal with at first. I felt I needed to use some force to get through the pocket so I could reach the masturbation sleeve, but after 5 days I have good control of it, and also think it has loosened up a bit. Finally, I would say that the doll seems to have helped a bit with the mental lack of female touch so far. Sleeping with her has given me a similar feeling of having slept with a woman and it was very refreshing. Now, I'm not the type to love sleeping in the same bed as another person, but having a partner to sleep with when I feel the urge is almost worth the price in itself. That, and she was certainly easier than any person I have slept with, and does not expect that to change in the future. So to finish, I can highly recommend this doll to those who do not know what their first should be. Meiki is easy to deal with, has good visual potential with some extra embellishments, and she is good quality for the price.
Best sex doll
David - 4. dec. 2019
This is luxury only for the elite. However, bought mine from a foreign site, a shame because I didn’t know it was on here.
Honey, I want a divorce.
Anonym - 28. jul. 2019
Definitely the best! Not only the sex, but you also have a faithful friend who never fails! If you are very lonely or maybe just tired of humanity simply, with this Meiki Plush doll you can hug, cuddle and watch movies whenever you want! Buy a wig, some nice clothes (adult size. S or M) and you have a nice girl who is always waiting for you after work. Regarding sex, you can buy the desired masturbator, recommend smaller variants of Fleshlight in that case, e.g. GO Surge, Sex In A Can or possibly Pilot * Flight (Or whatever it's called). Larger/normal Fleshlight such as STU of course also works, but then some of the container will stick out, but you’ll find good tips on various online forums. Definitely the best I have bought! The downside would possibly be that some Fleshlight and similar products require a lot of lube, which easily settles on the doll. But if that happens, it is easy to wash off afterwards with a sponge and a little detergent. If you are considering buying this, stop thinking, add it to your basket and pay! In the meantime, take the opportunity to divorce your current wife and create a free space in your bed, because you won’t regret it! /Anonym
a cure for loneliness
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
bought it as my first doll oh my goodness it's lovely it can be used for much more than just sex that's why I bought it and after two nights my loneliness has dropped drastically when it comes to sleeves/Masturbator that can be used with it I use the Doc Johnson Main Squeeze line they fit very well however you have to adjust a little bit by using the opening in the back if I had to add a fetish for the producer it would be an opening in the head that you could put a mouth masturbator in
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