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MonthlyCup Menstrualcup

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The MonthlyCup menstrual cup not only saves you money on sanitary towels and tampons, it also keeps the pH value of your vagina in balance.

Simply fold and insert the cup into the vagina during your period. There are countless folding methods - just give it a try. Before first use and also at the end of your period, boil the cup for 3 minutes. Remember to wash your hands and cup in perfume-free soap before inserting.

Once the cup is in place, you will not feel it and there’s no need to empty it until after up to 12 hours. Then simply rinse and wash it so that it’s ready for re-inserting. You can even sleep with the cup in.

The cup is available in 3 sizes: Mini, with a diameter of 37 mm, which is suitable for the first year of your period. Normal, with a diameter of 43 mm, suitable for light to normal bleeding and Plus, with a diameter of 47 mm for heavier bleeding.

MonthlyCup is made of hypoallergenic and vegan silicone. Comes with a small, practical bag for easy and discreet storage.

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I wish I had known
Juulia - 6. oct. 2020
I wish I had known about this invention before. Nowadays, when using a menstrual cup, menstruation is no longer such a horrible thing. They go past unnoticed!

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Discreet delivery and packaging
Free shipping on orders over £55
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