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Mystim Tension Lover Digital Electro Sex Unit var 1

Mystim Tension Lover Digital Electro Sex Unit

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The Mystim Tension Lover is a complete kit for you who want to experiment with gentle electro sex. Try something new and experience a new dimension of satisfaction.

With soft electrical impulses, you can stimulate nearly all parts of the body. She stimulation feels like a mix between a warming vibrator and an electrical buzz.

The electro unit has two exits/channels so you can attach several electrodes at the same time. On the two turn buttons at the top, you can control how powerful you want the electrical impulses to be. With the pink buttons, you can decide the rhythm to which you want it to pulsate (mode), for how long (time), the range (width) and the speed (rate) of the impulses.

The Mystim kit is manufactured in Germany, the design is beautiful and the quality is extremely high.

If you are looking for other electro stimulation than what the 4 self-adhesive electrodes can provide, it is also possible to buy dildos, plugs and other units to hook up to the Mystim Tension Lover. This kit will fit all Mystim and ElectraStim accessories from Sinful.co.uk.

The self-adhesive electrodes can be used at least 10 times, if you make sure to wipe them with a damp cloth after each use. You can always replenish with extra electrodes - buy them here at Sinful.co.uk. If the electrodes lose their adhesive abilities, you can find adhesive gel here in the shop as well.

If you buy accessories from other manufacturers for this electro unit, please note which connector the accessory has. For the Mystim Tension Lover, you can use accessories with a round plug, and with the connectors in the kit you can also use accessories with a 2 mm (female) adapter. If you are not sure which accessories will fit, please feel free to contact our customer service team. 

Always remember to start out slowly - the Tension Lover unit can emit quite powerful electrical impulses.

The Mystim Tension Lover kit contains: - Digital electro unit with two channels (fits a round plug) - 4x electro pads (2 mm female connector) - 2x connectors (round plug/2 mm male connector) - 1x 9V battery - User guide in 4 languages (English, French, German and Spanish) - Storage case

Product Weight (g)170
IncludedElectro Pads, Storage Box, Electro Stimulator
Full Length (in)4.72
Power Source1 x 9V/PP3 (Included)
Playtime (min.)60
Vibration Speed(s)7
Primary materialPlastic
Recommended LubeWater based
LanguageGerman, Dutch, French, English, Italian, Spanish
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Customer reviews (0)
Disappointing, decided to return.
ElectroCouple - 26. apr. 2024
First of all, there was no instruction manual, so we had to guess. Secondly, the battery made intermittent contact so the unit kept cutting out. Not a good start! The sensation is more like 'spiky buzzing prickles' rather than the pleasurable massaging pulses a vibrator produces. Also as we discovered, if the pads only make partial contact, the prickles in the small part that touches can be very painful. The pad placement is also key as even a small variation in position can result in different sensations. Make sure you shave before sticking! Through experimentation we found that the higher frequencies were more pleasurable than lower (if you have the frequency set too low and the volume high, the 'spiky buzzing prickles' become more like painful 'sharp flicks' that aren't at all enjoyable, so go high). Likewise the wavelength is better at the higher figures. I also found the few pre-set programs rather limiting. It's a pity there is not a capability to download stim programs so as to broaden the menu. Can it make you cum? My wife says no, but I think possibly? No doubt there will be those out there that get the pad positions and the set up better, but without a manual to help us, it was a no from us both.
Not at all as scary as it sounds!
L - 1. nov. 2020
Electrosex sounded a little scary to me at first. But as a starting point I am fresh to try a lot and now I had to try something completely different than the usual dildos and vibrators. It then became this;) And I have no regrets! When you have just gotten used to the stinging sensation and have become comfortable with it, the sensation just flows out and becomes nice instead. It is only in the beginning that I think it feels tingling / stinging. In addition, there is a big difference in the feeling, depending on where you place them.
Ok, but expected more
JVK - 11. may. 2020
My wife and I bought this device and the Rodeo Robin Penis Rings in hopes of getting some solid orgasms. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a rather painful experience instead. No matter what a programs we used and what settings we used, we never got the stimulating feeling we expected. It felt more like getting shocked in its nobler parts which might r naughty for the BDSM people, but for the rest of us who just want to spice up the sex life, it was a nasty disappointment.
Different, High Enjoyment Factor, Intense, Recommended
LikeLek - 28. jan. 2021
We are talking about current in the penis, so clearly kink factor 5 After trying it carefully a few times, I was going to have the baptism of fire. I chose to put on a penis ring, before I smeared gel on the pads, and attached 1 canal on each side, with a pad on the penis head, and 1 on the shaft at the root. I have a penis well above average, but even I think pillows of 4x4 cm in size are quite big, particularly considering that it does not look particularly sexy. I turned on the device, and increased the strength of both canals until it was on the verge of good pain. Got used to it quickly, and what an insanely delicious experience. There were twitches, spasms, tingling unlike anything else I have experienced. Lots of fun, also going forward There are a lot of exciting accessories, which I look forward to ordering. I recommend it for other men. I will have a lot of pleasure, both alone and with partner(s).
Very good product, which exceeded my expectations.
Mecki - 9. feb. 2021
Incredibly useful product in high quality with many different intervals for more experiences. Have acquired several accessories for this. Also works great for sore neck and back.
Better than I thought
erickt - 13. jan. 2020
We use it so often that it almost feels addictive should buy more accessories as soon as possible.
So many options
Anonymous - 10. jan. 2015
The beauty of this product is all the possibilities they offer. Mystim has a wide range of accessories you can use, so you can keep experimenting with electro sex. The device is easy and safe to use - if you follow the instructions, you're well covered. As an experienced user, experimenting with the different intensities is a tantalising pleasure. If you are just starting to play with electro sex, it is recommended that you start slowly and work your way up. A really nice product of good quality that is user-friendly and does its job!
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Holy crap
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Start in low voltage and hertz and slowly turn up play in the low voltage and get to know the machine. It's worth it. It's a bit of a selfish thing "He's in control" and she's an orgasm goppel. Of course, he can use a dildo etc. in the meantime, but it's mostly for the guy who enjoys watching her float away. It can be used for "torture/punishment" for the little people. But if you start gently and only turn it up as much as she wants, it's an orgasm-inducer on a grand scale. My boyfriend didn't like it on him, but we had sex with the sleeve on and with a bit of practice, that part gets a lot of good use. The orgasms were amazing for me as a woman - it's as if you have an orgasm in every cell. Due to diabetes, I have problems with reduced moisture and sensitivity. With this, I had all the feelings again and produced moisture in good quantities. Scar tissue reacts a little differently than normal skin, so again, start low. And if you want power at the bottom, shave. I'm not into sm torture etc. And would highly recommend this for those who want to experiment a little. It was a really good experience
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Really good, I'm not disappointed
Anonymous - 2. mar. 2022
I recommend
Machine translated from sinful.fr
Very satisfied
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Here there is plenty of power, with lots of options with settings, even though there are (only) 7 settings, so I can recommend this even though I'm new to this
Machine translated from sinful.no

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