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NextGen Dolls Legs and Derriere Fantasy Love Doll var 1

NextGen Dolls Legs and Derriere Fantasy Love Doll

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Sometimes less is more. With this Legs and Derriere Fantasy Love Doll from NextGen Dolls, you only get the bottom of a bodacious babe, but with all the essential holes to fulfil your every need.

Switch it up as you please and swap between the vagina and the anal canal. Add your favourite water-based lube before you slide in to enjoy the different titillating patterns inside.

This pair of legs and plump derriere rock a stainless steel skeleton to hold those naughty poses for as long as you want. With an included doll stand, you can enjoy it standing up or get down and doggy.

Add a pair of stockings and open crotch panties with a set of heels to top off the look (not included). You’re the master of this perky butt that will resound with sultriness if you give the soft TPE a smack.

Clean your new joy spreader thoroughly through the canals and let them air-dry completely. Add some renewing powder to keep the material soft, supple and ready for your next session.

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Exciting to try something untraditional
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I bought this product because it stimulated my imagination. Full-size dolls are often too heavy and unwieldy (25-40kg), whereas this one, at 13kg, is just about ideal. The body - or lower half as it is - is very nicely designed, but I would have liked the 'bum' part to be more bendable forwards for easier access. The stand was somewhat disappointing and unhelpful. All in all, a good product for the price, but it could have been even better, including easier cleaning.
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great value for money, but the quality could be better
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
I purchased this product because it was within my price range, and what I wanted out of a product such as this, namely thighs and legs. Unfortunately, I was somewhat disappointed after the first use, where the attachment point on the top of the product immediately bent, and can no longer be attached properly to the disc. the product can still be used handheld, which in my opinion is better than the disc it was intended for, since this was somewhat wobbly and low. when it comes to the size of the product, it was more or less as expected from the details from the website. Overall, I'm happy with the product, but would have liked more information on what can be used in conjunction with the product as encouraged in the details provided. in terms of weight, it was clearly stated that it weighed 13kg, which was fine for me, but it was a bit of a surprising weight to be fumbling around with. I was also pleasantly surprised when it came with a few extra products in the box that I didn't expect, but was very happy about, namely a small splash washer for internal channels (which came in very handy, as it's not just washing the product in a sink, but should use a shower or bath), egg vibrator, usb heater, and extra nails in case something falls off (yes, they are sturdy). Otherwise, it's also worth mentioning that the product also has attachment points in the legs, a whopping three in each leg, surprisingly, but no obvious things to attach these to, I speculate that this product has the same steel skeleton parts as larger dolls, which might need these. When all is said and done, I am happy with what I got for my money, but some better information on the product could have been provided, both for the better, and worse, this product has to offer.
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Really happy.
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Wow I just say ... lovely material, nice holes, easy to bend as you want her ... pulled on the girlfriend's knee socks and a pair of sexy panties. Good budget variant of the most expensive full-body dolls available to order, I can imagine... easy to pick out and cosy up with it when the sweetheart is not at home or not in the mood. Really satisfied!
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