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Obaie Nipple Suckers Suction Cups var 1

Obaie Nipple Suckers Suction Cups

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Obaie Nipple Suckers Suction Cups increase the sensitivity and size of your nipples, so that even the slightest caress will feel indescribably titillating.

The suction cups increase effective blood flow to your nipples. They add an intense and sweet pain while you have them attached to your nipples. When you take them off, you will automatically caress them and quiver from the pleasure.

The nipple suckers are firm but flexible. They sit well and firmly on your nipples for long periods of time and fits on most nipple sizes.

The Obaie Nipple Suckers Suction Cups are manufactured from plastic. For the best results, it can be an advantage to add a small amount of water-based lubricant before attaching the suction cups.

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Effective gambling pieces
LaGo - 12. jun. 2021
They work
Beyond expectations
By the sea - 13. feb. 2021
Bigger than I thought but I really like them/ Rubs and doesn’t fit well on my breasts. However, the material was very hard and requires strong squeezes to get a suck out of it.
Not fun at all
MM - 24. nov. 2020
These are clearly supposed to be hard - but surely not that hard? Stiff and inflexible and the hardness means you can easily end up pinching your partner. Once in place, they suck really hard and the nipple easily fills all the way to the top of the tool. Maybe it fits others well, but we threw ours away after the first use.
Works but a little hard
Teemu - 19. jun. 2021
Yes, they work as advertised, material could be a little softer, but it does get the job done.
Good for the money
NM - 13. dec. 2020
High quality feel, stays well in place and suction feels comfortable. The material is quite rigid, ie the "cup" needs to be squeezed relatively firmly with your fingers, but its not impossible
Wow, wow, wow
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Fantastic, once you've learnt to control how much they suck, they stimulate insanely well. However, they can squeak a bit if they are positioned incorrectly or they suck too much.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Much larger than expected
Anonymous - 1. oct. 2019
Sucks really well and it's easy to adjust how hard they suck. However, be warned that hickeys may appear if applied to anything other than nipples.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Not so sexy and functional
Anonymous - 8. aug. 2019
It's super nice when it sucks in, but the constant suction doesn't do anything for me and unfortunately it quickly hurts me if the suction is too hard. Maybe should have tried some smaller ones or a different kind. And I didn't feel so naughty with one of those on my breasts.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
They are much bigger than I thought they looked. The material is quite hard which makes it a bit difficult to press them together. There is a small edge from the production where they sit on the skin which is not immediately comfortable. I wish they had been a little softer and smaller, then it wouldn't have been a problem with hair around the nipple. But they are absolutely delicious and really very unfortunately they fall off when there is a hard one stuck in the nipple. But they are mega kinky and easy to use and can easily be used elsewhere on the body
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Anonymous - 7. feb. 2020
As written by Lange, yes, there is a bit of a sharp edge, nothing that couldn't be solved with a little DIY with the craft knife. But holy shit, the girlfriend loves them. And so do I. Free my mouth and hands to other areas of her body. Start with suction cups and then switch to clamps. She loves it.
Machine translated from sinful.dk

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