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obaie Rubber Flogger 19.5 inches var 1

obaie Rubber Flogger 19.5 inches

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Can you imagine experiencing the sweet and kinky pain that comes from a good flick? Then the obaie Rubber Flogger will make it a reality for you.

It can be used for hard, sharp blows as well as soft sensual caresses. The rubber flogger is perfect for beginners, as it’s easy enough to decide on the intensity of the hit.

The flogger provides many opportunities to experiment with BDSM and spanking. It’s designed with a safety strap to ensure the whip won't go flying regardless of how wild play gets.

The obaie Rubber Whip has a beautiful black appearance. The fronds are made from silicone and are therefore easy to clean.

Product Weight (g)60
Full Length (in)19.69
Primary materialSilicone
LanguageDanish, English, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, French, German, Dutch
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Customer reviews (0)
tease and slap
The other two - 24. jan. 2020
Really good whip to both source and beat. Just what we were looking for. Can definitely recommend!
Convenient with good stitches
Matte - 21. jan. 2020
Experienced it as very small and almost kinky when I first saw it, but despite its small size, the sound is good and the stitching is pretty decent. If these are the brands you’re looking for, then choose something else, but it’s a nice addition to the "toolbox" ..
My first flogger
Maja - 25. mar. 2019
It gives you a nice feeling. But it is difficult to get really hard blows with it. The lashes are quite short. But works perfectly on the breasts etc. If you want actual marks on the butt, I would find a coarser flogger with coarser straps.
A handy rubber whip
Raippa74 - 27. jan. 2020
A very suitable choice for teasing and when you work it a bit more, you can feel it too. The whip's slightly itchy rubber material is perfect for teasing your blindfolded partner!
Quite expensive for its quality.
Liina - 10. may. 2019
I was quite disappointed with this gadget. Whether I received a faulty product or the factory's worst one, but the whip's handle and the root of the threads didn't really fit together, and when holding it in my hand, it "flinged around" how it liked. The lines themselves were of ok quality, but they smelled strongly of a cheap rubber boot when the package was opened, and the smell didn't really want to dissipate with the help of active outdoor ventilation either. Based on the feel of use, I would really recommend this as the very first whip, because here you can work to get a feel and the quality is more suitable for a fancy dress outfit.
Our whip no. 2
Anonymous - 9. dec. 2018
We bought the rubber whip here as we already have a paddle and wanted to expand our collection. It's definitely a good whip that suits our level, which is what I would describe as intermediate. The long lashes are good for both tickling and tantalising all over the body, after which you can respond with a proper stroke. The sound here is really good and tantalising for both giver and receiver, and the handle provides a good grip that makes it easy to adjust the strength. Both the missus and I foresee many good hours with this rubber whip. Next purchase will be a similar one in real leather, but until then, we're brilliantly entertained.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Nice little starter. .
Anonymous - 1. sep. 2019
It's small and easy to handle... It works well as a starter... when you don't have much experience... easy to handle
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Great value for money
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Gives a nice tingle on the bum if you give it a little extra gas. Can also tickle if used slowly along the body. Highly recommended.
Machine translated from sinful.dk
Oi !
Anonymous - 1. nov. 2019
For beginners, a comfortable, soft and firm whip. You have to whip it pretty hard to make it hurt. So there's really no danger of using the whip too hard. I can continue to use it
Machine translated from sinful.fi
A really nice little whip
Anonymous - 2. may. 2019
The product feels nice on the skin, doesn't hurt. Suitable for anyone who likes spanking, even first-timers. Easy to keep clean thanks to its material. Convenient size. Good for teasing and gentle touching but also for a little more rough play.
Machine translated from sinful.fi

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