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Oxballs Pig Hole 4 Hollow Plug XL var 1

Oxballs Pig Hole 4 Hollow Plug XL

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Are you after some new and wild anal play? Oxballs Pig Hole 4 Hollow Plug XL is for those who just can’t get it big enough.

The XL plug has a special shape, where the plug feels like it is designed just for you. Enjoy the titillating feeling of being gradually expanded. Ideal for those who want to be filled to the max.

Pig Hole 4 Hollow creates a tunnel that prepares you to receive whatever your partner has lined up for you. The cavity allows the insertion of fingers, toys or even your partner's penis, where the tightness for both of you is kept intact, no matter how long play lasts.

It is made of flexible SkinFlex Platinum-Cure silicone for increased sensitivity, so you can feel your partner's movements and he can benefit from the plug's internal ribbed structure.

The XL model can expand up to 5 inches, and is for anyone who wants to upgrade from the large version.

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Very good plug for the experienced!
Gapeman - 26. jun. 2021
This toy is incredibly big and not something you get started on without some proper foreplay with a large dildo or plug! But when it pops into place – Wow! A magical feeling of fullness and excitement. Because it is made of flexible and very comfortable silicone material, it fits perfectly. If you have experience of using toys with a diameter of 2.5 inches, this plug is a fantastic next step for more fun. Lots of fun. You can safely say it opens you up.
very good product
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
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too flexible
Anonymous - 1. jul. 2023
The material is too flexible When inside you, it folds in! Double folds to insert. It is very supple, though, and stretches well. If you have a plug that has become too small, you can put it in with some lubricant. Then you have a great open stretch. though with me, it doesn't stay in place anymore. Summary: usable with other toys (dildos and plugs), but not really usable without.
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Very satisfied
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Product is worth the money. I was a little unsure of the size therefore I bought L and XL because I am well trained with large toys. The product information for L says 11cm in dia on the outside but size L is 6.5 in dia and XL is 7.0. The product is quite flexible so it expands a lot. L is quite large and not recommended for beginners in my opinion. I am very satisfied. It is not so easy to get it in since it is very flexible but if it is in place it is an experience and he opens up very much. It feels very comfortable. If you also insert a dildo you are very fulfilled. Definitely recommend this product.
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Love it!
Anonymous - 4. jul. 2022
Went in without problems on the first attempt (had warmed up with Large before). When it comes in, you have to pry a little so that it develops in the right way. Sits well, comfortable to wear even though it is large. Now I'll just get in XXL too!
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Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
You get what you pay for, a toy made by hand with the finest silicone. We have previously only used toys made of less safe materials like TPE, and felt it was time to invest in quality. It is actually made for anal, but we only use it vaginally. It was a little tricky to fold it up for insertion (careful not to unfold too quickly and hurt your partner), but then it fit perfectly in her. Incredible toy that gets her really stretched out while allowing you to have fun, as it is hollow all the way through so it also allows play with various liquids!
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