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Oxballs Pig Hole Butt Plug Large var 1

Oxballs Pig Hole Butt Plug Large

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Should it be extra big and extra kinky? The Pig Hole Butt Plug from Oxballs in large size creates space for new, wilder anal sex toys. 

Enjoy the exciting feeling of being expanded and exposed at the same time. Ready to receive whatever or whoever your partner has lined up for you.

The cavity in the butt plug creates a tunnel that allows the insertion of fingers, sex toys or a penis. With the Pig Hole, the tightness is maintained for both of you, regardless of how long your play time lasts.

The plug is made from a flexible SkinFlex Platinum-Cure silicone for increased feeling, so that you can feel all the movements your partner makes, while he enjoys the plug’s internal, ridged structure.

The large model extends up to 4.5 inches—for those that want to get completely filled up.

Product Weight (g)180
Primary materialSilicone
Recommended LubeWater based
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A good experience.
Mr B - 23. dec. 2019
Wish you sold in more sizes. Once you have received it, it is completely indescribable. If you follow the advice on the net on how to get it in, it works absolutely great. Material could perhaps have been a little more rigid in some places so that it unfolds more easily.
Stefke - 8. may. 2019
This is one of the best experiences I have had. Even if you have to make a small gap to get it in, the material used could be a little stiffer, but then you would not feel the "insert" that is made. I just have to say that one can play the game for hours without getting getting sore and at the same time it is good muscle training
Very satisfied
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Product is worth the money. I was a little unsure of the size therefore I bought L and XL because I am well trained with large toys. The product information for L says 11cm in dia on the outside but size L is 6.5 in dia and XL is 7.0. The product is quite flexible so it expands a lot. L is quite large and not recommended for beginners in my opinion. I am very satisfied. It is not so easy to get it in since it is very flexible but if it is in place it is an experience and he opens up very much. Feels very comfortable. If you also insert a dildo you are very fulfilled. Definitely recommend this product.
Machine translated from sinful.no
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
It was unfortunately a waste of money. The tunnel consists of far too thin walls so that it folds up . Tried with a piece of Pem hose to stabilise it all but it does not want to stay in place anyway .
Machine translated from sinful.se
No problems
Anonymous - 13. mar. 2024
Can be perceived as a little floppy and difficult to get in but went great on the second try. Sits great, comfortable and opens up well. Will soon switch to XL which also came by mail this morning !!!
Machine translated from sinful.se
Anonymous - 4. oct. 2023
Perfect for anal play. Wish they had more things like this that are more kinky than the other Swedish online sex toy stores.
Machine translated from sinful.se

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